Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Done with Retrieval

As I sit here on my couch, staring out at the ocean, I am so relieved the hardest part is over. I did it.  Did the retrieval. This will be a short post, because I am in a little pain, and very tired. I went into the clinic with my mom and husband. They are my biggest cheerleaders. I was surprised when my mom really wanted to be there for me for the retrieval and transfer. She has been cooking for me all week. She is so sweet:) Love her so much. My husband has been real supportive and excited to finally do something actually in a physical way during this IVF. He was happy( hehehe) to do his business and give the embryologists his part of our future babies.

Here's my experience with my Retrieval. I go in and the first phlebonomist  tried to get a vein in my hand. Nothing. And let me tell you, it hurt. But no fainting. The second phlebotomist comes over about 20 minutes later. At this point, I am a nervous wreck. I am shaking. seriously. I am so embarrassed to write this, but yes. My legs are shaking and my teeth are shattering. I am pretty sure, most women going through this have not had this reaction.  But yes, I am a worried women. I have even tried to calm myself with the circle+bloom cd. It was not really working. Okay..so the second phlebotomist comes over and tries my left arm. Nothing. Then tries my right arm. Nothing. Then tries my right hand, nothing. Now I am starting to get nervous. and in pain. But never did I faint!

At this point, I am completely shaking and I ask my mom and husband nicely to go into the waiting room because I just needed to breathe and have the ladies..all three of them( including the  anesthesia technician) do their job without others hovering over them. Finally they did it with a  two person team, plus with injecting my hand with a bee sting shot of something that numbed it( thank god!!)

Then they brought me into the room. There were 4 people in there. And I felt really embarrassed to be there with my legs open  with four strangers looking at my woohoo. But the medicine worked in minutes. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. How awesome is that!!! So happy!! Really girls, the retrieval is really not that bad, unless they can not find that vein!

So I took my time, three hours and all.

Here are the results. I had 22 follicles, and 7 eggs came out. The doctors and myself felt really let down. We were all expecting at least 11. I am so nervous. What if none of them fertilize. I do not find out until tomorrow. I have expressed I am nervous a couple times. The doctor said, it is not the quantity, it is the quality. So...I am trying to be positive.

I am praying and trying to keep positive and waiting patiently until the call tomorrow afternoon.