Thursday, April 28, 2011

First PIO shot!

Okay..warning all: TMI. If you are eating, read this later:)  

well..let me first tell you about my PIO experience and then the whole TMI silliness..well..embarrassment.

I iced my back side for around 3 minutes
While I iced, my husband warmed the needle with the progesterone under his armpit.
then we went into the bathroom and I stood against the wall, leaning on one leg.
My husband started darting with the needle, and I said wait!!
way too scary. I took the needle and for a moment got completely freaked out.
then I took a deep breath and darted it in and slowly moved it in( Not Painful! all!!..thank you ice for numbing!!)
then my husband injected..all was blood..there was some resistant..and then he pulled the needle out
I was pain at all.
I then lied down on my stomach, as he massaged and then put the heating pad on. Each for two minutes.
then we walked around the house again. Still no pain.
weird right! hmm..I was expecting, screaming, and crying, maybe a little fainting.
then .....ten minutes later..a little sore and tightness. But really doable. it really was.
I wonder if it hurts the more you do it. Not sure..just so happy it was not painful:)

The below is the before hand. The crisis before.

I have been worrying about the PIO shot all day. My husband was coming home at 5pm. I was going to go for  walk with my friend at 6pm and I was going to take the shot at about 7:30pm.  Did not happen that way.

Here is what happened. At about 11am I had cramps and more cramps. I thought it was just that I had to go to the bathroom. Well, nothing happened, so I took a metamucil packet. 2 hours later nothing happened, so I took another packet of Metamucil. The box said you can take three a day. So by 4pm, nothing happened, so I took one more packet. is when I started to get a little dramatic.

At 5pm, I started having shooting pains in my lower abdomen and and lower back.. I was having major gastric pains. So bad, I was in the fetal position screaming. I called my husband and asked him to get prune juice or whatever to get me to stop the pain of the worst case of constipation I have ever had. It must have been the mixture of being pretty much constipated throughout the whole stim weeks, the vicoden after the retrieval, and then not moving around for three days recovering from the retrieval.

here is the embarrassing part: my friend did not get the message that I was not feeling up to the walk, so when she came I had to have her leave because any minute I would be running to the bathroom, or screaming in pain. Also, my dad was just being nice and called to see how I was doing in the middle of a pretty painful cramp.  I scared him. I said I would call him back. Then two minutes later my mom called and gets all panicked.  I said I would have to call her back and I was fine. My mom then calls my husband 15 minutes later asking if we are on our way to the hospital.  I have them all worried about me because I have to go number 2!

ahhh..with that husband was great. He came home and made me drink two glasses of lemon water with honey, and gaterade and water.  Then he made me march around the house. I was in so much pain, but the fact that my husband was marching in front of me, shouting left right left right,, made me almost pee myself a couple times from laughing so hard.

I hope you all are laughing from reading this. I find is hilarious and very humbling to say the least!