Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow I am 16 weeks!

How far along: tomorrow I Am 16 weeks! Whoa!!!

Baby is the size of: Avocado

Symptoms: I am so happy not to feel sick anymore. Ligament pain..especially if I sit too long and then get up. If I do not eat a little every one and a half hours, I actually feel sick and throw up. headaches often..but not seriously bad. Congestion and stuffy nose

Weight gain: well..I gained 10 pounds during the IVF process, but since getting pregnant..5 pounds. I have some guilt about this..trying to work through it. I fear gestational diabetes since I am overweight. SO far so good though. I walk at least 4 hours a week. Now that I have more energy..I will step it up. 

Maternity clothes -none that I have bought. But my mom bought me a few shirts and a dress that is so comfortable. It makes me really look pregnant though. 

Sleep: getting better..but still a lot of tossing and turning. I have been a stomach sleeper my whole life, and have never slept with a pillow. So now..that the books and doctors say to sleep on your side,...and best way to sleep is on the left has been a struggle. I love falling asleep on my back and then when I start falling asleep, I turn on my stomach. So, for the first few months, I did not get any sleep..tossing and turning and freaking out when I would wake up on my back and of course the waking up to pee every hour.  Now I have a better rhythm. I got a memory foam pillow( so comfortable)and I put a thin pillow between my knees. It is not perfect, but much better. I also need a window open because I wake up from overheating and can hardly breathe unless the window is open. This is new for me because I normally like the house roasting when I sleep. 

Movement: Umm..not really. Can't really determine if it is gas or little movements from  my  little angel.

Cravings: pickles, olives, and cheese. Pesto has been good to. Anything cold and vinegary. 

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach. and...Sex again. The hubby is scared of hurting the baby. I swear...frustrating. He is frightened. He is always asking what I am eating..he won't let me eat any fish..and he wakes me up every time he sees I am on my back. The other day he saw ambulance on the freeway and started calling me to make sure I was okay. I did not answer and he started freaking out. I think I need to reassure him I am okay a little more often. He is so worried. He loves me..very sweet..but the worrying is not good for his stress level.

Strangest moment: my husband says the conception. MY mom was in the room. Sorry..cracking up right now. Who can say their mother was in the room at conception! lol A doctor was too though....thank you UCSF IVF department! I thought it was beautiful!!! Okay...and the strange morning sickness during the first trimester. "oh honey I do not feel well" 10 seconds running to the bathroom. Seriously it just happens without a lot of warning.

Gender: not sure yet..we will find out August 25th!!!

What I look forward to: everything. Baby showers, finding out the gender! I have the names already and I can not wait until my belly really pops so I do not look like I am just chubby. I really can not wait to feel the baby kick! or hiccup.

Milestones: second trimester! Very happy. I got to tell everyone. That felt great. 

I like these question answers..does anyone have anymore of these? They are kind of fun:)
I hope you all are having a fun and relaxing weekend.