Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a boy!!!

It's a boy!!!

We are so he is healthy too!!! Growing, has all 10fingers and all 10 toes!  It was amazing meeting him again yesterday at the second level sonogram. a little uncomfortable as the guy pressed on my uterus and stomach. But all worth it. I am so overwhelmed with joy. His name will be Alexander. Alex for short, Alenxander if he needs to be disciplined. I want to plan his nursery, I have dreamed of this and now..I actually get to!:) I have lived in a one bedroom for so long, and now, we finally found an apartment with a two bedroom with the washer and dryer in the facility. This is great. We were going to get a loan for a condo and home, but the market is still crashing, and with our price range the home are in need of a lot of work..that we do not have time and money at the time. And as for condos, the hoa's just gets too expensive. So, we found a nice apartment complex, gated, quiet, spacious.

I have been silent in the blog world for a while, but I have been thinking of all of you and hope everyone is doing okay. I am going to go now and catch up with my favorite bloggers:) This may take some time, maybe a week!:)

I feel my uterus growing. It is a little painful at times. Like menstral pains. I have a lot more energy now at 19 weeks. My belly is getting larger and harder. I have felt a few flutters, but not much. My placenta in against the back I believe you feel more and more quickly if it is centered int he front. Not sure about all it at

hmmm...sleeping has been better, but still waking up constantly to pee. I am hungry too!!

Alright have to go blog and then get back to packing. I have three day to move! this is insane!