Friday, May 27, 2011

There's a baby in there!

Yes!! Confirmed!! Thank god!! Now I can sleep! Ahhh!!! After a long time of trying..I finally saw a baby at the U/S! I could hardly see my baby, but when she said look at the flickering light..that's the heart beat! I saw it! I have to say, I am still in shock and really relieved. I feel just kind of like putty! thing. They put two in and one stayed. I am actually happy there is only one, because thinking about it financially and health would have been very stressful. But I am wondering about the other embryo. My husband and I were talking about the soul and when it enters the body. I really don't know the answer..but I wonder. I feel like I am  mourning the other embryo for some reason.
My husband said the Egyptian belief is that the soul does not arrive in the body until a child takes it's first breath. Not really sure if this is true or not..interesting subject to research on though.
I have called all the important family members who have been asking and friends who have been there to support me and I have to say..I am kind of too tired to talk very long. I am so tired! So very tired. I am not sure if it is the pregnancy or just I feel like I have been fighting and fighting and finally I do not have to fight anymore. There is still a little fear in me..but overall..I met my baby...and we are connected. Okay..crying now. Those words just kind of woke me up from this daze and shock I have been feeling. This little bean is connected to my body, my soul. We are one right now! This is an amazing feeling! I love this baby so much...words can not describe how happy this feeling is. Even though I can hardly move..and my boobs are killing me...I am jumping for joy inside!

Ultrasound today at 3:45pm

This will be the shortest post I have ever written..but I just wanted to shout out that my ultrasound is at 3:45 today. I am and have been a nervous wreck. I have been having a hard time blogging lately and commenting because well...I can not think straight. I so hope everything goes nervous...that is all that is in my head..I want everything to be okay and that I have a healthy baby growing and my body will be fine. I also would really like to hear the heartbeat. Not sure if this is possible at 6 weeks and 5 days. Wish me luck...