Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Pio Shot!!

Last night was my last PIO Shot!! I can not believe it!! I am done!! I have done 67 PIO shots!! That is 22 gauge 1 &1/2 inch needles every night!  92 days of shots, and a total of 96 shots altogether! I am so proud and I really think us girls going through such an event should get an award!! I am so happy. I really think it has not sunk in yet. Last night was the last shot....and I went out for ice cream afterwards. I do not know what it is about a plain cone with one scoop of ice cream..mint chocolate chip or french vanilla, but I am in just heaven when I get my ice cream! Taking a break from it tonight and the next couple days, I went a little overboard the last couple days:)..My husband just said he wants to go out for ice cream again! uh oh!! :)

A little TMI: so here is the warning..................................................................................
I finally after three months( yes..I said three months) of no sex at all: did it!!! woohoo!!! Pretty awesome stuff!!! I highly recommend this fun activity. I was a little scared about the orgasm because I read the uterus contracts after an orgasm..but all was well:)
I am 12 weeks so I gave myself permission to tell: everybody. it turns out..my mom has told most of them. I am kind of perturbed about this, but it is what it is. I did not get pregnant for them, I got pregnant for me and my husband. I just will not be telling her anymore fun details. Like the gender, or when I am in labor! Yeah! no....I will tell her: she just can not help herself. She likes the gossip.
But, I got to tell all my friends on facebook and they were all surprised. I got to tell my childhood friends, and that was fun and I got calls from them with excitement in their voices. That was priceless:)

Symptoms: more dizzy and tired! Really tired!!!

I can not wait to start commenting! How is everybody!!!?