Monday, December 12, 2011

35 weeks, Babyshower update..and more

It has been a few weeks... I have not been blogging lately..because a new symptom of my pregnancy is carpal tunnel. It is hopefully just a pregnant thing. I do not like to start my blog posts with a vent..but I am going to today. This pregnancy is a miracle. Without the help if IVF, I would not be 35 weeks week short of 9 months. I am so blessed to have this round belly and baby kicking ...but there are some major challenges with least with my pregnancy.

 I have seen on tv, and in magazines how women say.."oh I love being is so liberating."

BS....not for me. This is a real pain..literally. I am complaining daily...all the time..I am even annoying myself. My back hands...I can not feel my tips of my fingers because my wrists are so swollen that the fluid is hitting a nerve, so I have shooting pains at night..that start at my finger tips all the way to my elbow. My feet are swollen so if I walk for more than a hour..I get sharp pains in my legs. calves..they give me muscle spasms everyday.  Heartburn is no fun...and then there are the insulin shots because I have picked up gestational diabetes.

IT COULD BE WORSE! No baby...right? I need to just suck it up..but man.... no sleep and with all the is getting really tough.

as for positive...there are so many:

I had the baby MIL took some as soon as she sends them to me..I will post. It was beautiful and so loving. I understand why they call it a shower. Because I was showered with lots of love. My family and friends were there and seemed so excited about the celebration of my little Alexander. I think women really like baby showers. They all seemed so happy and everyone wanted to touch my belly. it was fun...I enjoyed it. I did not cry...thank you very much. I cried on the way to the party...but there I held it together. I got so many presents.  I must have received..10 blankets. People really like buying soft cozy blankets. This baby of mine will never be cold. And I got some real cute clothes. I did laundry all weekend..and he is set for the first 3 months.It took me about an hour or an hour and a half to open everything. For was too many people. There were 26 people there...all women I wanted to see and who love and will be in Alexander's life..but for was hard..because I was not able to spend good one on one quality time with each one. I like to chit chat and hear how everyone is doing..and have good conversation...instead..I was like the entertainment..that was awkward for me

what else:

35 weeks today. This baby is so active...he likes to push his elbow or knee into my right side. He predominately stays to my right. His butt is near my rib cage and hand and feet to my right..his head in down which is good.

his has the hiccups about twice a day. It was cute at first...but I feel like he may be scared or uncomfortable for all the hiccups.

Oh..I went to three classes last week.

1) Natural birth
2) epidural
3) pedicare

The natural birth was interesting. I probably won't be using any of the great positions that were taught because I will be induced..but the breathing I believe will be helpful.  and the epidural was freaky. The whole process of the needle going in we watched and then the guy giving the lecture must have been sedated..because my husband and I were catching each other falling asleep. It was challenging.

the last class was fun..we got to practice diaper changing, bathing tips, and other fun things I am nervous about.

I have been watching baby story and a lot on tv. I am getting ready emotionally for the birth of our son. I am really nervous I have to admit. It is scary to think of pushing this big 5 pound  soon to be bigger baby out of my vagina! Sorry for the TMI,, but it freaks me out. I have been feeling a change of heart in wanting my two best friend, and my mother in law in the room. When I first got pregnant I called my best friends and I told them I wanted them in the room.  and Then in October my mother in law said could she be in the room..I said sure. But now.I will be naked...vulnerable and naked. Did I say naked....and in pain...I do not want everyone staring at me...and things could come out..I may be swearing, crying, I just want my mom and husband in the room...I feel most comfortable with these two people. In all honesty...I  really do not want my mother in law in the room. I feel she has every right to see the baby...when he is born..but I do not want her staring at me when I am pushing. I am actually very shy and prudent when it comes to me body.

Anyways...I will probably blog some more..when I get feeling back in my fingertips:(

oh..everywhere I go..people comment on when I am due. It is awesomeness~!!:) I am really showing. I never thought I would get to this point...I thought I would look just chubby...but everyone kisses my belly and rubs it..and Alexander is so loved already:)