Thursday, December 22, 2011

Having my Baby on Jan 11!!! 21 more days!

I have been thinking about posting for a couple days now. I am not sure why I have decided to post..when I am in one of the grumpiest moods I have been in during this whole pregnancy. I really think the hormones and lack of sleep has put me into a bitch mode lately...but I am positive I will find things to be happy about by the time I am done writing this post. THis is one of the reasons why I love is my journal really...yet..I get reality checks and high fives from so many supportive blogging buddies.

 So...I am in the 36th week..officially I am in the 9th month. Writing this such an accomplishment. There were days, months, nights...where I never thought I had a chance to be pregnant. So here I am: belly is growing...and boobs have not grown...that is a bummer. I have heard since I was younger that having a baby makes your boobs grow. Now for me...I do not have big boobs, so I have been looking forward to this for years. be honest..since I was in elementary school. Therefore..when I went into the department store at 8 months and got my bra measured and it showed I was still a size b cup..I was mortified. Why me!!! I got over it in a  few minutes, but really no growth...weird. The nipples have changed in size and color, but no growth. So this is what i have been seeing in the mirror.  Big belly, overgrowing the boobs. would be awesome to have big boobs growing with big belly..but nope! Not in the cards for me. I think it is grandma was small like me too. Oh well.

okay...enough about my boobs:)

ON to my due date!!! my official due date is Jan 17th 2012. But I got to pick my inducement day..and where I am having my baby. Here I go...the date is set at 12pm at the hospital of my choice on Jan 11!! Yayayayayay! 21  more days! I can not believe it. Oh..if any of you have had the experience of labor...and especially if you have had inducement meds during labor..please comment and give your experience...the more the merrier. Lately...I have been real nervous about the pain. I have always dreamed of being pregnant, but have always had fear of the labor. so yeah...I have been watching on tlc and another show..c-sections, natural births, inducent, name it..just getting myself emotionally ready. I know, I know..nothing prepares you..but this is just how I am. Before I did all the shots..I read all your experiences and watched it on youtube for hours. This is just how I operate.

OH...and the baby was weighed in..during the sonogram, they got a range of size. Little Alexander is on the smaller average. 5lbs, 5ounces. How cute..right?:) Well..this is great news, considering I have gestational diabetes, and many women with GD have big babies..and that is a negative and can create some bad things for the baby and mother.

SO I am happy, also my blood sugar level has been really good. I am impressed, I had a chocolate sees candy and a  half of the best chewy chocolate chip cookie..and I my blood sugar was fine!! A week a go, my sister in law made vanilla sugar cupcakes, and my blood sugar was fine! This is such good news. I do not have to completely deny myself all the yumminess the holidays have to offer...I just need to moderate it.

So symptoms:

sleep: that is a joke. I am tossing and turning, and the turning is really hard to do now. My belly is big and well....when I get takes a while to actually get up and start is a real waddle.

things to buy: I have everything except the stroller, rocking chair, and crib sheets and mobile, and infant or toddler carseat. I just had to pay $800 for my this has set us back a little. It is embarrassing, but we are not rich...we actually struggle a bit..too many bills, not paid a lot. But I am trying to keep it all in perspective. I think this is a big reason why I am grumpy. Not having money. I had to be low with the gifts this year. This has never happened. Here I am getting so many gifts from family and friends, and I can not afford to get anything. I am just getting my direct family( mom, dad, brother, husband) presents. I got my dad, brother, sister in law and nephews magazine subscriptions. I thought this was a good idea..since they get it for a whole year. I hope they like it. If not,..get over it..that is all they are getting. :)

My mom I am getting some earings. I really do not have money for I will use my macy's gift card I received for my birthday.  For my husband..I am thinking of actually not getting him anything..but what if he gets me something..I am screwed. me out...what could I get him..that shows I love him dearly..but is not a lot of money. I will feel guilty if I do not get him something.
Okay...have to go off to a another doctors appointment for my no stress test. These doctor appointments really stress me out. And starting next week, I will be going in twice a week. Bummer:(
but at least I know my doctors are taking care of my baby!