Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am still here..sneezing away

I have so much to catch up to with all my favorite bloggers soon as I found out about my BFP...I started feeling really tired. I thought it could have been about the hormones but then my throat got really sore..and now I am in full blown sneezing and coughing fits. This kind of sucks. I want to celebrate and enjoy this moment but I am so drained. I am recovering quickly though..I did not get a fever, so it is just a cold now..but I am very very tired.

I have many blogs to catch up with...I miss my blogging buddies.

I also have to admit I have been very emotional. I am not sure if it is the estradiol pills twice a day and progesterone at night..I wonder if the hormones are not natural and more than normal. I feel out of control emotionally lately. Very vulnerable and insecure. I seem to be nagging my husband a lot. And I went out with my mom today and everything she did was annoying me. TMI notice(I have not had sex in a very long time.) I am on edge..because I am sick, I am on a huge amounts of hormones, and it has been two very long months of hormones and 2 week wait..of no sex.

I can not believe I am writing this down on my blog for the world to read but I really feel sex in a relationship does bring a couple closer. I do not feel that sex alone brings a couple closer because there can be intimacy and closeness that does not involve sex that  But sex alone is an extremely close intimate moment that should not be ceased for two months. Plus..I do not think we will be "doing it" until after the first trimester. Okay...I am going to stop revealing this part of my life..who knows what I will write next!

I hope you all are doing great and have many great plans for this weekend! Tomorrow is Friday! Yayayay