Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet my two embies
this website is very interesting since I am in the 2WW process. I am craving information on what is going on in my body now. I  have felt through the whole IVF process like I know what is going on, but now I do not feel anything nor do the doctors call or check my blood level or check my ovaries..nothing. I am so happy the PIO shots are easy. I have no pain, just a little soreness, but I wonder if the progesterone is working. I mean, some points I feel a little twinge or cramp, but overall it is all emotion. Today I have been just exhausted.  And I may be driving my husband crazy. He has said I have been whiny all day. I can not help it( in a whiny voice). hahaha

Seriously, I am getting annoyed with myself. I am just irritated at everything. I feel anxious and out of control. I do not feel anything in my body, so that makes me nervous. Then I feel something in my body, so that makes me nervous. Today after going on a nice walk to the beach, having a nice lunch, and then shopping for groceries, my husband seemed irritated at me. at least that was what I perceived. He said, he thought I needed a nap. Lets just get something straight. I have not taken a nap or needed a nap in the middle of the day since I was maybe 15. I have just always had lots of energy and too busy to take a nap. Well I am not sure what happened but I started arguing with my husband about who knows what and he argued back and snapped at me. I started crying and then I just exploded. I started crying hysterically. I ran into my room and tried to calm myself down. I put on my earphones and  listened to a meditation from circle+bloom. before I knew it, I was sound  asleep. I woke up an hour later, feeling refreshed and not so sad.

I woke up to the the smell of spices and vegetable soup. I walked into the kitchen and there he was just finishing up the soup. I hugged him, grabbed a bowl of soup and I felt so much better.

I have to say, I am an emotional wreck. Happy one minute and then about to cry and yell at my husband the next. Seriously I am going to need to get a handle on this. In the mean time I am going to eat all this Delicious soup!

OH and other good news: I am less constipated! YAYAYAY! You have no idea..oh probably do! If you have ever been pregnant or taking any kind of  progesterone, you know how painful and agonizing it is to have your digestion slow down. I have been burping not stop. I finally feel like my belly is not hard and bloated. It is a great feeling!!!  Here is what I learned: be not drink too much prune juice..not fun! And the coconut water is okay, but most of all it gave me a lot of gas.

Oh...I framed my two embryos. Here they are: 3 day transfer. 8 cell grade 2!