Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little more posting!

I am reading the posts..and I am mad at myself for not  blogging and being a part of this community. I have been so busy moving and being self absorbed with  my pregnancy that I have missed out on so many exciting journeys you have been on. The last hour I have been commenting and crying!!! I am so happy for all the new pregnancies, the adoptions as well. I am here for you for you new IUI, IVF, and 2ww angels! I am crying remembering what I went through..this is a hard journey! And now at two days  away from 21 weeks, I am faced with the memories of how special this baby is and what I went through. are a few symptoms I left out:
 I feel the baby moving! husband read to him  every first it looked like he was talking to my woowoo! but the belly is getting really round and  he does look like he is talking to our little ALexander are some not so fun symptoms:
1) emotional_ cried at the bank yesterday
2) constipation or weird shifting of the intestines
3) extreme bossyness and anal behavior with my husband

I went and deposited a check at the bank in the atm..I put the check in for $1132.22. The receipt came out $132. Well.. no one at the bank would help me and the manager said she is the manager, then would say i am not the manafger. She initially made me wait for a half an hour and did not look at me, as I watched her help three more people. Very rude! Yeah..I will not be going back there. in is best not to deposit checks in an atm, or a bank located in a grocery store. But..really..I had no control of my the end the said 10 days until i can get the check into my bank and it is labor two weeks until it is in my bank. Yeah..burns a little

then the constipation. So the uterus at 20 weeks starts miving above the belly button. I guess than transfers and the intestines around. it is pretty weird feeling. The constipation is no fun..I have to remind myself to drink lots of water.

then the analness! Well.. we moved into this new nice apartment/ I want it to be perfect, baby proof and clean. My husband and I have known each other since we were 16. So we are kind of kids..well not anymore but we grew up together and sometimes our immaturity comes out. We are messy and bicker like we are high school hormonal teenagers. He does not like throwing away things and he hates moving. so he has been really sensitive lately and I want things to be perfect for the baby..I am having a hard time getting him to be more open,...mind you he has a lot of clothes. In so many cases, men actually have more clothes than women!

21 weeks and In my new home

Here I am: in my new home! I am very excited to be in my new home with a nursery available to set up. It has been a crazy week of working 6am to 7 to 7pm! I am smiling from ear to ear singing and dancing it is the weekend. Did I tell you there is an ice cream shop one block away from my house and it is going to be in the 90's this weekend! I am so excited! It has been more than 10 years since I have lived where there is sun! If any of you have lived or visited San Francisco, you know what I am talking about! Fog city! Nice to visit..but I was raised in a sunny small town..and San Francisco was just too much for me..with the heavy traffic, bad drivers, bad energy....and well the fog.

Here in my new home town....people are a little slower, smile and say hi. Kids and teenagers are walking and talking, kids are running in the streets and playing at the park. Last night we went for a walk through the neighborhood. We saw father's walking with their sons, couples walking their dogs, older men watering their garden, and walked to a park, with green grass for soccer and baseball, with children running and playing int he park, and a group of men playing a serious game of soccer. It was so refreshing. I had realized that in my home town, I never saw any kids running around.

As for my pregnancy, the ligaments are starting to hurt a little. Long painful burns...and I am amazed how much I am growing. I have gained about a pound a week. I still feel very guilty about gaining weight. My doctors have me worried about gestational diabetes. I am sure everything will be alright, but all my doctors say I am pre pre diabetic. ...well whatever that means!

Lately I have not felt very sexy. sex..what is that. Yeah...first time in my life not feeling it at all.
Hmm..had a little shocker this week. My feet swelled up! Not a little.. my right ankle was missing!!! well..I went home and about 3 hours with lifting them and got better. I am going to keep my feet up while I work at my desk and remember to walk around every hour and limit the salt.

Okay..I have some catching up to do! I hope you all are okay.