Saturday, September 3, 2011

21 weeks and In my new home

Here I am: in my new home! I am very excited to be in my new home with a nursery available to set up. It has been a crazy week of working 6am to 7 to 7pm! I am smiling from ear to ear singing and dancing it is the weekend. Did I tell you there is an ice cream shop one block away from my house and it is going to be in the 90's this weekend! I am so excited! It has been more than 10 years since I have lived where there is sun! If any of you have lived or visited San Francisco, you know what I am talking about! Fog city! Nice to visit..but I was raised in a sunny small town..and San Francisco was just too much for me..with the heavy traffic, bad drivers, bad energy....and well the fog.

Here in my new home town....people are a little slower, smile and say hi. Kids and teenagers are walking and talking, kids are running in the streets and playing at the park. Last night we went for a walk through the neighborhood. We saw father's walking with their sons, couples walking their dogs, older men watering their garden, and walked to a park, with green grass for soccer and baseball, with children running and playing int he park, and a group of men playing a serious game of soccer. It was so refreshing. I had realized that in my home town, I never saw any kids running around.

As for my pregnancy, the ligaments are starting to hurt a little. Long painful burns...and I am amazed how much I am growing. I have gained about a pound a week. I still feel very guilty about gaining weight. My doctors have me worried about gestational diabetes. I am sure everything will be alright, but all my doctors say I am pre pre diabetic. ...well whatever that means!

Lately I have not felt very sexy. sex..what is that. Yeah...first time in my life not feeling it at all.
Hmm..had a little shocker this week. My feet swelled up! Not a little.. my right ankle was missing!!! well..I went home and about 3 hours with lifting them and got better. I am going to keep my feet up while I work at my desk and remember to walk around every hour and limit the salt.

Okay..I have some catching up to do! I hope you all are okay.

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  1. So glad you are settling into your new home! Thanks for the comment on my blog - it is nice to know that I am not the only one with those feelings of initial disappointment. Hopefully the gestational diabetes is kept at bay.