Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dealing with resentment.

Click on the link above and it gives great tips on how to deal with resentment. I have entered this website in here because i am going through a rough situation and I am sure others are dealing with the same emotion.  I heard shocking news today and I felt real uneasy.  My body felt queasy, my appetite ceased, and my body got very tight. My mind stopped and I felt my emotions take control. Since I have a psychology background I knew I needed to check in with myself. I am not perfect and I know my body and emotions take control and my rational thought process gets blinded sometimes.  I had to research what I was feeling. Was it anger? No. Because the main component with Anger that stood out was wanting to yell or be mean to someone. I did not feel that. I do not feel any rage. At least not yet. Was it sadness. Maybe, but I am not feeling completely depressed, it is more of a feeling of hopelessness about the situation. Am I resentful. Yes. I have all the symptoms. And the biggest one that stood out was feeling betrayed by someone in the past. Anger is part of it, but I feel more of  an icky feeling around them. Like this person has hurt me in the past and he has all bad intentions. He is a snake, a greedy, ugly, selfish, manipulative person. And above all, I was not protected by this person. He is the essence of my worst nightmare. Do you ever feel like in your life in each person's life they are given a test. I believe in every bad situation in my life, this person's behavior has challenged me. It keeps on showing up. I truly wonder what I am supposed to learn from this situation. Or is it some higher power player a practical joke on me.
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