Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making a list! Checking it Twice!

I cannot tell you how helpful lists are. I sat down with my husband last night and a huge bright light bulb went on!!! I have been real down in the dumps lately. Blood work( which went fine...I did not faint yay), saline sonograms ( which are  not very pleasant) infertility bills, and worry about shots, hormones and  fear of can get pretty overwhelming in my head. But last night I asked my husband what were some of the big events in our life last year. When we stopped and looked at the list we were shocked. At first we said..nothing just went to the doctor. But then..after a little  struggling..we looked down at the page and realized in the year of 2010, we went to Yosemite, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Trinidad, and Fort Bragg. What???? We did all of that??? We were busy! I think this may have been the only way we survived this year. It is funny how we only remember the negative sometimes. I am going to write down a list of positive things more really puts a perspective on things. I so want to be a mother, and this journey can be so dark and all-consuming, but in reality I really do enjoy my life.   Thank you Priya Kumar for your woke me up a little. 

It is so easy to fall into a negative path...

This journey through life can at times feel like a roller coaster. There are so many fast changes and low blows that at times, we need to just stop and honor the time to grieve. But there comes a time when you just can't go and lower. You have to rise..right? I am going now to write another list!! :)


  1. Hey Marylin, thanks for mentioning me in your post.And wow... you have been to soo many places? This has truly inspired me to make a list of all the fun things I have done in 2010. This is such a nice idea to remember the year that went by. I'm not even that much of a travel freak, so thinking about the places I would have gone to will be a big task. Loved this idea.. I'm going to sit with my boyfriend and try the same thing. :):) Thanks a lot for making me feel rejuvenated early in the morning. Its always a pleasure when you make someone happy. :):)

  2. I did the same thing - when I think of 2010, all I think about is the treatments, the miscarriages, the heartache. But when we actually thought about it, 2010 had some really high points too! It's very good to think of the positive!!! Happy New Year!