Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am making a beaded necklace!

I am going to make a necklace. Yes..I am going to the bead store next week and I am going to make a special necklace. My mom called me this morning and...well..I had a little mini breakdown. Not too bad..just complaining about the needles that I had been reading about. I have been reading Melissa's
(the Stirrup Queen's book) NAVIGATING THE LAND OF IF.  She is a great advocate for all of us, but her book is even better. She  breaks down step by step with little helpful tips for each situation, whether it is emotionally, financially, or physically. I have learned a lot from her book. From the beginning of my Infertility Journey, each step it has come in handy. Now I am reading about the IVF process with the medication. I was in the middle of the Stirrup Queen's guide to injections. sounded real daunting and then the phone rang. It was my mom. I was trying to keep it together but whenever I hear her warm affection voice, I become 4 and start crying( when things are tough). I am so grateful for having a supportive mom. She allows me to break down and then she knows exactly what to say to cheer me up. She lets me vent..and then puts it to me bluntly....."you will get through this, you are strong". I said, " are right". That is mainly what my blogging buddies said. She said how great it is that I have a support system and that I found you all. I agreed. she then came up with a great idea..and if you all want to do it with me..I would love that. Basically, get the number of days you will be injecting. Then go to the store and get string and the amount of beads you will be injecting. Put the beads in a bag that is not see through or maybe a sock! :)

Then every night you have an injection, afterwards, pull a bead out and put it on the string. It is like an award:)
I love this idea. At the end of your cycle, you will have  a beautiful necklace to remember all the hard work you did. It is kind of fun, rewarding, and therapeutic. I have searched bead stores in my area and there are some real authentic beautiful beads.

anyways, I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend:)


  1. Such a beautiful idea!
    And about the IVF process ... after all the struggle we all have to go through until we get to the doorstep of IVF, you will see that IVF will be a piece of cake! lol Not that crazy scary how it seems at first.
    I am wishing you the best and am cheering you on!
    Also ... you have such a wonderful Mom! having the right support on this journey is a real blessing.

  2. That is a great idea! Your mom is right... you will get through this! And others will be here supporting you every step of the way!

  3. It can be very overwhelming! Be easy on yourself, it's a lot to take on! You can do it, though. I know you can! ((Hugs))

  4. What a wonderful idea! You have a very smart mom!!!

  5. Sounds like a lovely idea doing a necklace.

    It does feel daunting at times getting on to IVF. I'm scared about it all as well but somehow, we'll get through! Just like we have so far.

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful mom! And what a cool idea she gave you for the necklace!