Friday, April 1, 2011

I am ready!

I am so ready for these needle injections now!! I am more than excited! I went to the injection class and I left singing kumbaya!!! I only sing this when I am really happy! AND I AM!  It was a two hour class and the woman who led the class was very humorous and informative.We practiced all the different needles(pen...mixing, powders, and IM injections) watched a movie...and then she said we were going to practice injecting ourselves. That's when my husband said my face turned white. I had no idea about the colors my face was turning, but my stomach was doing was crazy acrobatics! It was getting ridiculous. But..within time I was laughing and giggling with my husband as I completely had no idea what I was doing with the needles. He was a pro, except for the one moment he accidentally squirted his neighbor with his needle. OOOPS!! We were giggling in the brought us back to high school! We were always almost separated from the teacher.:)

Then it was time to inject ourselves. Thetan said he was worried I was going to faint. I do that at times with needles and such. I am kind of a wuss. Well, the fact that I had been practicing with the needles for two hours and that the needle that i would be injecting myself with was much smaller than some of the mixing didn't really look that bad. And one other thing. I do not like to be naked in front of strangers. So with the motivation to hurry and get my clothes back on and to do well in front of the husband I did it! I was the first one done. I stuck myself and realized..this does not even hurt! Hurray! After I was done, with the help of my husband telling me what to do, I finished like a pro!! He looked shocked and proud!!  I started jumping  and laughing!! By the time I sat down I had looked and everyone was having their husbands do it and one women was crying. I became quiet  right away. My husband and I looked at each other and we realized as the instructor helped the women get over her fear that she was very scared, I felt really bad I had been jumping for joy. Eventually her husband did it and the look on her face showed it did not hurt and she would be okay.  That was great to watch!

Then the instructor got out her fake butts so we could practice IM injections! This part was just not fair. after I heared that with a BFP I have to have IM with Progesterone for 91/2 weeks I almost walked out!! And if I do not want to do that then I have to pay about $2000 for the vaginal inserts. HMMM? Money I just do not have. Well, it is all for the greater good of my future family. This is what I have to do to have my baby! Then this is what I will do!
Even if the terrible news of IM needles for almost three months after I get pregnant, it is all worth it!! I am so excited for Monday April 4th! My first real Lupron injection! Yayayayay

Oh, and by looking at my calendar, I will find out if I am pregnant by Mother's day!!! I am hoping it's a BFP!!



  1. so glad you are feeling about this. I think the shots are easy once you get used to them. You will be a pro in no time at all.
    good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh how exciting! I have to tell you, although the IM shots seem scary, they're really not that bad - as long as your hubby is doing them. So excited for you to start the process!

  3. This part of the journey is so exciting....enjoy it! I have to do the vaginal suppositories..ugh!!! 4 of them a day instead of the PIO injections...not sure which is worse!!! :-)

  4. Yeah! for great spirits!!!:)
    I was so very happy to hear my RE was gonna put me on vaginal progesterone when we did IVF#1. It was the most gross thing I ever had to do. Yuck! plus it failed to do the job. Next, round it was time to return to the good old-fashioned PIO shots. I was about to &%$ in my pants when the nurse showed us how to do it. And with a 20G needle! I was totally freaking out. And guess what? ... piece of cake. Last week was PIO injection #70 for us, we just finished the 10 weeks supplementation. I would never do the vaginal inserts again if I would given a choice. So just relax, it's really just more scary, than it really is!

  5. I remember being stressed out at that training and we probably would have been given a B- if we were being graded, sounds like you did very well! The worse part about the PIO shots (for me) has been a sore backside the next day but there are things you can do so that even that is not so bad... the actual injection, not bad at all. Good Luck!

  6. We didn't really get training; the nurse showed us how she did the first shot then we got sent home with a box of needles!

    Good luck.

  7. Wishing I had the injection class! This month I will be giving myself the PIO for a week while I'm on a business trip. Not looking forward to it at all! Sounds like your class was a success--so great to hear you and your hubby had the giggles. I think little moments of happiness and laughter are essential during the cycle. Wishing you all the best!!

  8. I wish I had the option of an injection class. I've been watching youtube videos and it took me forever today to figure out I have the wrong needles for bravelle and menopur. Good luck during this cycle!