Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lupron Side effects

I am a freaking pro at giving myself needles. I am so proud of myself. Seriously I have fainted many times when I get my blood drawn. But now after I have my husband get the needle ready for me, I grab the needle and give it to myself!!! Yay me!!! The first night I got a little dizzy. And the place where I injected felt a little itchy. Both nights I did it,  I left the bathroom right away and then sat on my couch with disbelief. My husband is always the one to remind me that I did a great job and that I get to pick a bead for my necklace. I really do get excited then. He then reminds me as we go get into the kitchen and get tea, that I did a great job and he is proud of me:) I really appreciate him  cheering me on. And my mom went with me the other day to get the beads and she has been so supportive.

Yesterday was the first day that I did my first injection of Lupron. I wonder if this is in my head, but I was so tired. I mean dead tired. Real spacey lathargic. I had a mini headache throughout the day. It wasn't very painful, but just kind of a weak little throbbing throughout the day. It was a hot day, so I am not sure if I had hot flashes. I baby sat my niece with my mom yesterday. My niece was so adorable. We brought her to the baby park for the second time. I have to admit, she was so adorable in the sand box. I really think she is going to  be a very smart girl. Did I mention she is an IVF baby? Well, she is a very outgoing silly girl. She is always laughing and saying hello( and hola) to everyone. She is becoming trilingual by the way. Her mom is Chinese and her nanny is Spanish. Anyways, I just had to brag about how my Niece is very determined. When she gets into something,, she get a serious face and has to finish. She is great and I love her to death!!

Anyways, while I was playing with my brilliant Niece  in the park, I looked around and there were all mothers standing together talking about their kids and they all looked so proud and happy. I could understand their happiness, I get a little glimpse of how great it can be every week with my Niece. It kind of knocked the wind out of me, and I felt very uncomfortable. It was a feeling of envy at the pit of my stomach. But I went with it and it was fine and we eventually left to get some lunch. Through out that time, I think I was getting hot flashes. I really was not sure though. It was not until later in the day with my friend that I truly believe I got a hot flash. We were in target and all of a sudden my body got really hot. I took off my sweatshirt and my friend said "oh my god"! I said "what"?  She said "your chest and face are bright red."  Well, I think I had a hot flash.
Great...I am 33 and I am feeling menopause!! Oh well.

Other side effects. I have been feeling very emotional. I will cry very easily. You know, I am not sure if this is a real side effect of the Lupron either. I am pmsing, I went to the Park and saw all the happy mothers, and well it is sad being the only one who isn't a mom. I try not to be oh poor me, but when I have become a pin cushion, I think I have the right to be upset sometimes. But overall I am excited that all this is hopefully going to make a baby. There is a 50% chance of it at least. Right?

Sleep insomnia. I have no problem going to sleep. Especially since it has been officially today a whole week since I quit coffee. By 10:30pm my eyes are closed and anyone who trys to stop me is very much a victim of my wrath! But the last two nights since I have taken the Lupron, I go to sleep at 10:30 but at 2:30 I wake up very hot and have a hard time going back to sleep. I guess this is the night sweats. It's a pain because I feel really tired in the morning and the rest of the day. Also I have been having lots of anxiety dreams. And the last side effect and it may be TMI but I will just say I guess I will be buying prune juice for me. Not fun! Okay...I will fill you in for the fun side effects I will feel as my day progresses. I am sure tired will be a main one.
But here is to us IVF strong women who are determined to have our babies!!!



  1. I love how positive you are even through all the symptoms and uncomfortableness! You are absolutely right - all of us that go through IVF are definitely strong women!!! You rock!

    Sorry you're having those side effects. The good news is they're very normal...

  2. Hang in there Marilyn. I hated Lupron, and I had such terrible night sweats that I broke out in a heat rash that still hasn't gone away. I think you can definitely blame most of what you are feeling on that nasty little drug, but I assure you it will all be worth it when you get that elusive BFP!

  3. I totally understand. My mom was given Lupron injections for endo. She was on it for a a year and it was CRAZY. She was 43 (at the time-now 46) and we were planning my wedding and I swear I really hated her through those moments, but she's great now and seeing a few long term effects of the injections, but for the most part she is so glad she did it. Hang in there!! I have a lot of respect for women who take this drug.

  4. Hi there, great you did them yourself, well done. I knew you were scared about that so you have done great overcoming that. Side effects all normal. I felt quite dizzy after an injection so would just sit down for a while, the stinging/itching sensation after the jab I got too. Headaches yes, tiredness yes, and bloody over heating all day!!! espically night. Its coming into winter over here in NZ so hopefully Ill be thankful for the over heating!

  5. On the TMI, others advised me on getting Miralax and/or colace... glad I did. Glad the injections are going smooth! The side effects and this whole process will be worth it when it gets you to a BFP!

  6. Yikes, you are having a lot more side effects on lupron then I am having. I don't think I could remain nearly as positive. I am only a few days ahead of you in the process. It's making me a lunatic.