Sunday, April 10, 2011

No More Birth Control Pills

Good Morning Bloggers,
  I hope you all are having a good weekend. Yesterday was my last day of Birth Control Pills. I feel somewhat relieved, one last thing to jump at from my alarms of shots and pills to take. I have officially deleted on all future events on my phone's calendar.

As for the Lupron side effects: I guess it was just the one time deal with the itching when I injected it. It has not hurt or anything. A couple days ago I had a scare and thought I had a  bladder infection. I was so upset, rushing to the lab and demanding I have to pee in a cup right away. It turned out it was nothing. I guess the pulling in my lower abdomen had to do with the shots, and the constant feeling of having to pee was well..obviously because I am drinking overboard to fix the digestion problem.

Thank you Miss MAC for advising Mirolax. it has been very helpful. I have also upped my glasses of water.  I have not had any more hot flashes, just real irritation. My poor staff and husband. I guess what they have been telling me is that I seem very irritated and short. Negative energy is how they explain it. I have to say that irritates me. Actually, I have to admit everything is irritating me. I think some of you have expressed this feeling. But what I want is to be calm, grateful to be getting a chance to make a baby and happy and peaceful. Right now, I am having a hard time getting in that space.

I just feel all sorts of anxiousness. Not all the time, but here are a few of my concerns:
1) next Friday  is my ultrasound baseline...they say they are looking for Cysts. CYSTS!
2) I fear the Lupron is not doing it's job completely. This is not rational. Just fear.
3) I fear the IM shots for the trigger and for the 9 and 1/2 weeks after I get my BFP
4) I fear what kind of reaction I may get from the stimm hormones..I am already losing it just on the Lupron
5) 50 % chance for IVf to be successful..enough said
6) One embryo or two?
7) Will my husband be able to perform on the big day!
8) my cat scratches and bites...I think I have to find a home for him..this will be hard. And then the cat litter is bad for the fetus..we have been trying to potty train him on the toilet..this has not been successful:(
9) just an overall feeling of OH Shit!
 well that is about it. I think this list is long enough.  Too long in my opinion. I need to just take deep breathes.
This is my little fantasy:
to be at some beach cabin in the summer. Me and my favorite people. A couple of weeks of relaxing and reading books. Walks on the beach and eating all my favorite foods. Oh..I wish this could happen. a little mini vacation.

Well...I hope you all check out my necklace slide show. :)



  1. Hi. I wanted to first off, thank you for all your kind words on my blog. THANK YOU!!!! Second, I am right there with you....wishing fo rthat mini vaca. LOL. I am also nervous, worried and way out of sorts. It comes with the territory, I guess. YAY for no more BCPs. Pretty soon you'll be where I am....the dreaded 2ww. :) I only have 3 more days until BETA and I am freaking out!!!!!

  2. Glad the itching has gone, though the irritation sounds, well, irritating ;)

    I loved your necklace slide show.. such a good idea to mark your journey in a beautiful, constructive way.

    I'm with you on this cycle.. 8 days of downregging (Decapeptyl) down.. now just waiting for AF to arrive :)

  3. I love your fantasy. Can I come? Good luck in the next steps on IVF! Try not to think too far ahead - just focus on today...