Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello 9 to 5!

My life has changed in so many ways in the last couple weeks. I have put my body through such a tornado of emotions and physical shock. I found a new home for my cat Ozzy. Mind you I have visited him twice this week and he is so happy and smitten with his new owner. His owner stays home with him every day and they talk play and nap together every day. Ozzy gets so much attention. Ozzy's new best friend invites us over to visit at least once a week and told me last night how thankful he is to have found Ozzy and that he loves him and has such a good time with him. This makes me want to cry with joy. Okay...need to change the subject because frankly I am just sick of crying: sad or happy tears. Yesterday I was watching The voice. It is a singing show like American idol but all the singers have great voices. A few of the contestants sang and I was crying. And then I was crying just hearing there stories about this singing competition being there last chance. i could empathize with their desperation..so I cried. it was exhausting.

Update on PIO Shots
I was doing so well but then last night at about 5:30 I went on a nice hour gentle walk along the beach with my friend. She is now Five month pregnant. She is a great friend and just a real sweet giving person. I am so happy to have her as a friend. Well.  after an hour walk, I came home for my PIO shot. Something strange happened. we did all the usual ice, massage, heat, walk, but this time there was a knot or bump. it is still there. we tried for 40 minutes with heat and deep massage. I was screaming from the pain. I honestly was saying out loud i do not want to do this anymore. it was painful.

So this is what I think went wrong so please do not do what we did:
1) too much ice.  too long. maybe just get an ice cube for 3 or 4 minutes before your shot
2) when you or your husband is injecting the shot..go slow. My husband went to fast.
3) take a 30 minutes and really warm the pio in the syringe on your skin or under your arm
                    other than that..tonight's PIO injection went fine.

I have to also tell you all I changed my job!! Yes..it is such great news. I have been working for my Family business for the last 6 years. I have been working for my parents since I was 16, but between that time i got a B.A. in Psychology and and M.A. in counseling. While I was going to grad school my father and brother left the business. Since that occurred I have joined the business with my mom as well as my husband. My mom is of course the CEO, my husband is ahead of production, and I worked in the field managing three of our Eleven stores. it was hard work and I finally just got my energy and control as a Regional Manager working 6 sometimes 7 days week, weekends and not getting home until 8 or 9pm. I had to move furniture everyday and go out to customer's houses, as well as deal with customer service and well..it was a huge responsibility. I do not have a problem with many of the results of the job but two things.
1) working weekend and late hours( I never saw my friends or husband)
2) moving heavy furniture( this could create a miscarriage)

My mom called me on Sunday and told me she would like me to step down and become the head of PR, blogging, and social networking for the company. I loved the idea but told her I would have to think about it. It took all of 10 minutes for me to call her back and tell her I am on!! Today was my first day. I think it was a shock for me because I am not sure I know what are my regular daily duties and really where to go with this position.  I had to tell my staff and that was really hard. I wish I could go out and tell them face to face but I was asked to call them right away because they needed supervision right away. This was really hard. i think I am going to miss them. I would see them every week for hours. I not only mentored  them, but many of them i felt like we went int battle together. I think I need to do something for them as a good bye, although it is not totally goodbye because I will still see them at work parties and communicate with them about social networking and such. ot sure..just needed to get this out I think.

I guess I will leave this very long post with my symptoms during my fifth day of 2ww:
1) twinge in  my side( like cramping before a period)
2) very sensitive, could cry any minute
3) very very very hungry( I had 4 pieces of pizza tonight) and I am really hungry 20 minutes later
4) Nipples are supper sensitive( yes I pinched them, but not in front of anybody) hahah
5) very tired..but I am too anxious to sleep

that about does it..


  1. Congrats on your new job!! Hope all the PIO shots go smoothly from now on too, though I know it's not uncommon to get lumpy bits/knots as you described :(
    Symptoms sound interesting... :)

  2. Yikes on the shots. I agree with going slow, that tends to make it better.
    Great news on the new job, it sounds very interesting and I hope you grow to love your new position.
    wishing you well as this 2ww progresses. Hoping for you so much....

  3. What wonderful news that you have a new job! Sounds great! And the PIO shots suck - they just do... Definitely go slow - my hubs counted to 20 for each shot, which seemed to help.

    Everything's crossed...

  4. Ouch :(( Congratulations on your new job... sounds like a much more peaceful role :) Thinking of you for your 2WW xoxo

  5. Congrats to the new job. Interesting symptoms, I so wish this is it for you!

  6. Congrats on your new job!! I have to agree with you that the lumps from the PIO stink! I have learned that no matter what I do, I can't prevent them. Thinking of you during your 2WW!!