Friday, June 3, 2011

Asking for a little help

Hello Everyone,
  I am asking everyone for a little support. I am working in my new job as a blogger and would love your comments, follow me, or any advice on to how to get more people to join my blog work blog:

This is a very different experience that I have writing with this blog from writing for this trying to conceive blog where I have found such great support from all of you. I do not get to get personal, nor do I get to express my challenges and problems in my life. I have been working on this blog for the last month, and I have had only a hand full of followers and comments . I would love your get the followship going..
Thank you for you support and I will be back this weekend with an update of my recent pregnancy symptoms.
Let me just say..I am 7 weeks and Yesterday I felt morning sickness from when i woke up at 6am all the way until 2:30. It was a doosy of a day! I can not wait to catch up with everyone's blogs..I have been seriously exhausted!

oH-- I had to add this to my I am blogging my favorite website right now is Huffington post! I really think the articles are just really new and fresh and the writers are great.

I read this article  it's about the octomom. The whole thing made me cringe and gave IVF clinics such a bad name. I was reading it and my doctor Fujimoto was quoted in the article more than half the article. I am so very proud. He put two embryos in and one survived. I loved him too because he was so calm and confident and was there for me the whole IVF process! I can not say enough great thngs about this doctor. is a quote from him:

Dr. Victor Fujimoto, who testified against Kamrava for the state and heads the fertility program at the University of California, San Francisco, said Thursday there was no doubt justice has been served with Kamrava's license revocation, and most doctors know better than to make such mistakes.
"The consensus that is very clear among my industry peers and my physician colleagues is that Dr. Kamrava operated well outside the standards," Fujimoto said.

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