Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Award Love:)

I  am excited to get an award....from one of my favorite blogger buddies Miss Mac, from MAC and PC:) I have found her blog to be so helpful in my journey of IF. She is one of the original blogs I have been following since I found out my husband and I were challenged with conceiving over a year ago. It was a hard time and I was frightened of the unknown process IVF was taking us through.  I would turn on my computer and MISS Mac would always give me words of encouragement..and I would go into her archives and find so much great informative posts into taking the pio shots, and many other issues in this emotional roller coaster we all go through.

 here are my five choices that have followed me and I have followed them this whole process of iVF and now I through my 8 months of Pregnancy:)

1) Dreaming of Babies
2) Baby On my mind
3) Alex
4) The Rocky road to Motherhood
5) Here I go thinking again

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, couldn't do without the support that's given and received here! Thanks for your comments about the nursery, so cool that we have the same furniture. The only negative reviews were that it has a strong odor and extra pieces were needed but that wasn't true in our experience (well- PC's experience). It was just time consuming to put together, especially the dresser. We love it! We did change the knobs and liked the change. I also got another diaper changing pad for the changing table... the one it came with was a little thin. The mural was done by a talented family member and I think you can also buy different kinds of wall decals too. Have fun, can't wait to see everything put together!

  2. Thanks so much - you're so sweet! I love that we've gone through this journey together - can't wait to hear about you holding your little Alex. My little Alex wishes your little Alex all the best! :)

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