Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just met a very interesting man name Bip Pippey. What a name right?!
Sometimes when life gets you down and you are searching for an answer, it comes in the most strangest pathways. I have heard of people having a dream and finding knowledge through their unconscious. Others have tried the bible or a good book. I have a cousin who said try asking a question and open any book and there on the page, you will have the answer. My mom goes to therapy or tarot cards. My dad goes dancing and just figures everything will turn out. Ignorance is bliss..for him. Well- my dilemma was when I went to Hawaii I had a great time, but I found myself being scared a lot. I was not afraid of the dark, or people, more about sharks in the water, driving on steep roads, and afraid of big waves. My mom mentioned how I did not used to be so frightened by things. It made me question why am I more frightened now that I am older. I have never been a real dare devil. I never liked to ride roller coasters or snorkel or ski. But I think the main change is I do not even try now. It is as if I am living life with my eyes closed. I am so fearful of death or that someone else will get hurt. I am not sure where this is coming from. I could guess it has to do with my brother dying, I am getting older, or just too much shark week and scary movies. When I was younger I was very sheltered. I did not watch the news, shark week, or animal shows, and I never watched scary movies. Then today Bip Pippey came in and told the most craziest stories. He is a middle aged scruffy guy with a big belly and a smile on his face. He started off telling me about 20 years ago he was hiking in the woods and traded cigarettes with a guy for magic mushrooms. Bip had the most hardy laugh. It was nice to hear and almost freeing. Then we talked more about his mushroom days and I secretly remembered my youth filled with magic mushrooms, freedom of responsibility, and ignorance. I said, "sounds like you have some good memories." He said, " yeah, and some bad ones too." I waited for him to go on. He did. He told me in 1984 he was traveling in Yosemite and a group of his friends and family were on top of Half dome. Lighting struck and killed his two friends and brother. He seemed sad and talked about that tragic day. He then looked at me and smiled. I smiled back..curious to hear what next he would tell me. He said with a proud smile, "the following year I hiked up half dome." I was astonished and didn't know what to say. The words that came out of my mouth surprised me. I said, "fearless!". That is how I want to live my life. He then proceeded to tell me his scuba experiences and hiking 22 miles out in the woods. I enjoyed his story and thought to myself- that is the way to live!
Thank you Bip Pippey
Live life without only get one chance!

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