Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrities who speak out about infertility

Infertility issues with celebrities.
Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest adopted their children after realizing that
infertility prevented them from conceiving. Jamie has written a book,
Tell Me Again About The Night
I Was Born
. The book was "written to let children who joined their families through adoption know
that their own birth stories were exciting, too".

Cindy Margolis:Supermodel/actress discusses her struggle with infertility and her desire to have a
baby.  She had her first child, Nicholas through IVF/GIFT in 2002.  Her two daughters, Sabrina and
Sierra were born prematurely by a surrogate on July 17, 2005.
VH1 ran a special highlighting Cindy's
career and struggle with infertility.
Cindy recently published a guide about navigating infertility
diagnosis and treatment.

This website is really great...lots of good info on movies and media shedding light on Infertility.


  1. thanks marilyn for your comment. Just been down and had blood test. no period so far. so nervous. I hate going to the toilet, want to just avoid it! im working today looking after children so will go out this morning, dont think anything can take my mind off it. hope the phone call isnt too late.! will let you know. thanks again. appreciate it, yes its nice to have people the same to help.

  2. I think it is great when people speak out about their infertility. Too often it is a big taboo.
    Shona (ICLW)

  3. I think it is great so many celebrities are speaking up about Infertility it is really helping to make the world understand what we are going through!

    I hope your 2011 is filled with Joy and Happiness!
    Happy ICLW

  4. Thank you for sharing this link. It's nice to see recognizable faces/names right there in black and white (well black and yellow in this case).

    I wish more would be open about their journeys, but alas.

    Good luck with your blood tests. Keep us posted.