Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Day After

Here I am the day after babysitting my niece who is One years old. She is such a fun little girl. I have just about the best times with her. The whole time we laugh we sing, and hug! She is my favorite little girl. I watched her be born. My brother and wife were kind enough and felt like they trusted me enough to be part of a such a beautiful and amazing experience. My sister-in-law was strong and determined and I gained so much respect for her that day and a half. It was actually my brother who I had to hold up, I am not sure he new what the heck was going on..He almost fainted a couple of times. But anyways, the point of the post, the day after babysittting my favorite little girl is always so hard. My husband and I always fight afterwards. He says I get grumpy and too emotional every time. I do not want to fight with him this time. I am going to make a conscious effort not too. I am going to go jogging after this post. So here are my feelings that are coming up...sadness. I am not sure how to express it..I am trying real hard to express myself..but I just cry. Has anyone else gone through this. I kind of need a way to look at this so I am not so emotional. I wonder if I could name would be a little more not so powerful and all-consuming.


  1. I have no idea, you're doing infinitely better than me. I can barely stand to be around my baby nieces. I always feel so awful after we see them.

  2. At least I am not alone in my pain..:) I just read your have gone through a lot.and I want to follow your journey..especially after what you said about Gourmet cheese and cupcakes. Who can't resist the two!! It feel good to laugh!!

  3. Hiya, me and my Husband had my 2 little cousins over lastnight. I love having them over, it was really nice. putting them to bed etc. but when there parents came to pick them up it left the house feeling empty. It was nice to have 2 other little people in the house. Its hard but nice at the same time if that makes sense

  4. Clewis, yes it makes sense...bittersweet it is..:)

  5. "An aunt adds beauty, joy and love to life.
    Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend."

    "An aunt makes life a little sweeter"

    "Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose colored glasses"

    "I not only call you aunt, I call you friend"

    "A garden of love grows in my aunt's heart"
    "There are angels walking on this earth disguised as aunts"

    "Everything is nicer when shared with an aunt"

  6. Hey there, thanks for your nice comment! You can follow me on Google reader if you use it or subscribe to posts (link in my side bar)! I always love new subscribers :)

  7. hi dear,

    thanks so much for linking up this week with the Military Monday blog hop! i'm so sorry i am just now getting back - but i'm happy to follow your blog now!!

    i know how frustrating it can be when everyone else around you is fruitful and you want to be so badly! i wish i had more advice for you but i don't :( it's such a hard waiting game.

    enjoy your weekend :)

  8. I have definitely felt this - it's hard being around a baby. I honestly feel my uterus - and my heart - ache when I'm around them. I'm so proud of you for taking care of the little one...

  9. April..oh yes..I will check out your blog:)

    Alex-- thank you so much for your is greatly appreciated. Today after my first IVF appointment I went out to sushi..and their were four parties at the restaurant. Each one had babies. I kind of just chuckled to myself!!