Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Ivf appointment Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my first official appointment with the doctor at UCSF...the doctor who will help my husband and I through our first IVF cycle. I hope it is our first and only one. So Nervous about that. So..I have all my blood tests and sonograms, SA, and biopsy reports ready. I am going to get a  folder tomorrow and make it organized. I am feeling overwhelmed.

 First fear, the doctor will are too must lose weight before we start the IVF process. The last fertility doctor who does not perform IVF said my weight was pre pre diabetic. But he also said  it is important that the waist be smaller than the hips. Well I am okay with the ratio, but my weight has always been high..and I have lost 35 pounds  in 2010 and gained weight in muscle. I am no skinny minnie, but I am very healthy. okay..I hope he does not make my weight an is even more embarrassing when doctors mention how fat I am in front of my husband.

Second fear, pants are going to have to come off. I do not want this stranger violating me. I know it is his job..but I really really, really do not like strange men looking at my woo woo!

Third Fear, I am not going to understand anything they are talking about. They are going to be sitting there and I am going to be completely overwhelmed.

Fourth fear, The doctor will say they can't help us.

okay I know some of these are completely irrational. Do any of you have any advice on what I can ask..or any kind of advice to help prepare me?  


  1. Hi there marilyn. I cant offer advice as i dont have our first ivf appt till the 17th. but im hearing you completly, its always weird having some one peering down below. Im sure you will understand what he is saying, dont be afraid to ask. Have you read many books, I read a few to just get myself a bit more educated on the process. They will be able to help you. please look forward this appt, it's exciting. Our first appts are only a week apart, so we will probably be very close in starting our ivf cycle. when do you expect your next cycle to start?

  2. I just found you through the Monday hop and wanted to wish you luck and courage. I'm just starting my infertility journey, and I'm finding that the scariest part is not knowing anything about what all I may have to go through. Meeting women who are there (or who have been there) is helping a lot. --so I'm a new follower.

    Meara at Not Twenty-Seven Yet
    (I love getting new followers, too!)

  3. I'm not there yet, so I don't have any good advice, but good luck. I'm sure everything will be great--he's going to get you your baby! That's the most important thing :)

  4. Just had my first IVF appointment today as well. It is very overwhelming and I believe it will continue to be overwhelming throughout this entire process. I am a little used to the process of my doctor looking at my Woo Woo considering I have already gone through 2 cycles of Artificial. I am ready for it to all be over with!
    I picked up all my medications AND THERE ARE A LOT and we went over them all today. My husband said he feels really sorry for me that I have to put my body through all of this. But I just said well.. if it helps me get pregnant and have a baby then I will do what it takes!

    The best advice I have is to just try and stay stress free. I know its hard, but I just keep telling myself that every day! Also write down your questions before you go into the room. There have been so many times that I have left the office and kicked myself because I forgot to ask SO many questions. The way I look at it is, I am paying them A LOT of money and I will keep the doctor in the room for as long as I need him. :)

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Thank You Clewis..I will go to the bookstore and see if I can get this book..I couldn't find it on my kindle. My most recent post reflected the experience..I am sure not all doctors are like this..It is it is a training hospital.

    Meara- I look forward to reading your blog!:)

    clewis- oh- I think my next cycle will be Feb !0..11. So..I will start meds on Valentine's day!! so hopefully pregnant my April and January 2012 baby!!!

    Runny yolk- thanks..your posts always crack me up!!!

    Shelly-I am so glad I have you and a few others(Clewis) who will be going through this process together.

    So bottom line for us new IVFers:
    you can not start talking meds until you get your period. So since I started my period today..i have to wait a whole other month! Bummer!! :(

  6. starting your meds on valentines day, thats my 2yr wedding anniversary!