Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I actually remember my dream last night

I had a dream last night....I think my dream was trying to tell me something. I was running around, lost and confused..rushing around. I was with my friend and my husband. We were running late for a lunch reservation. We were running through halls with so many door to go through. We couldn't figure out where are table was. The hallway was long and very industrial. The doors were made of bamboo. Finally we found the  room, we walked in and, like most of my dreams, it changes themes within seconds. We were doing yoga with a group of about 15.  We slowed down and I felt at peace. My friend was there with me and my husband and we were so focused on the stretches. I do not remember much more from the dream, but I woke up relaxed. I am not a very good dream interpreter, but one thing I know is you can learn so much from a dream with the emotion you have when you wake up. I know the dream was telling me I have to slow down, and take the time to listen to what I need.

I needed this dream, I have been working overtime lately. I worked 7 days straight without a break, and finally today I got a break.  And I checked out...watched the view and all my favorite episodes of Oprah. Smiles..:) I am so happy. Did a little laundry and now as I blog, I have a beef stew cooking on the stove.  Okay..the honest truth...I cut the vegetables and my renaissance of a husband is really tending to our beef stew. I will blog about how I do not cook very well on my other blog! lol

So I will end this blog post with what is going on with me in the whole infertility situation. As of last week..I am going to be stalled one more month. I am very very...(did I say very) distraught about this. Bottom line..it is about the financial sum. it is so much..and well...I do not have it right now. It hopefully will be next month. I really want it to be..but this is got to be teaching me something right? I think it is patience. At least that is what I have to tell myself. There really is no other choice.

So..the negative thoughts I have in  my head:  I am being left behind..I am still not able to get into the mommies club. AHHHH!!!

lesson: patience..this gives me time to take care of my health and focus on yoga and writing..being creative.

At this moment I am fine. We will see where I am tomorrow.
Hugs to you all and I hope you all are doing good.
Sending positive vibes to all of you:)


  1. Hello from a new reader! Glad you got a break today! We're trying to get all of the financial stuff in order too... best wishes to you!

  2. ho there, sorry things are delayed more. Sounds like you had a good day with watching your tv episodes and making a stew. Are you saving for your IVF? I really hope you get the money soon. I know it's so stressful! x

  3. Ah, patience. I wish I knew how to get that. Perhaps that is the lesson in all of this, but I don't know. I hope you can move forward very soon...

  4. hi marilyn, thanks for your latest comment. I would advise to be careful with your job, try to take some time off, I dont think lifting too much is good. how are you? you have been a bit quiet on your blog lately

  5. So, looks like you will be joining me then. I think I'm be having a march or April transfer. :) See, not left behind. We'll go through this together.