Sunday, January 30, 2011

New blogging friends!

I am so thrilled  reading my blog comments:) Thank you Melissa, the Stirrup Queen, for creating this community of support. I am so excited to start reading all these new blogs from my new commenters. I am so excited to follow my regular bloggers who are now getting so close to their BFP.  One blog I am really excited to read is, 
It is a blog about finding the joy everyday. That got me motivated to find the joy in my life as well. The year 2010 was so hard with my infertility journey. I feel and have felt so out of control, that when I went to las Vegas, I realized how stressed out I have been. I really needed this time away from everything. I was working, but I was away from the internet, my home( all the fertility dolls, the papers of bills and appointment to doctors, and just out of my environment) It felt really freeing. I was so distracted with work, I rarely thought about how I am infertile, except for the time when  I would see pregnant women walking by, or hear my mom talk about how happy she is that she is a grandmother( with my brother's little girl) every..body!! But anyways...I am starting a new blog  that is child free! I am a little hesitant about saying child-free because I do not want it to sound rude or that I do not want women who are mothers there. I just want a place..a community to go to that is not about children or infertility as well. I want to emphasize that I love my niece and nephews, and I can not wait to brag about having children. I love seeing all my friend's children and I love this community as well. But I also want a place where I can be just me..and not worry about being triggered either way about  the inevitable shots I will have to take or feel jealous when I see all the beautiful bonding between mother and child! 

So, give me a little time...but I want to get to know all my knew followers and again, I appreciate all the comments and support. I am also very thrilled others like country:) 

Hugs!!:) I hope all of you who are in your 2ww are keeping busy and all of you who are going through the rollercoaster of pain and shots are taking special care of yourself. I am here for you...
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  1. welcome back, thanks for your comment on my blog. and glad you are all caught up. was wondering what had happened to you! In reply to your question, I have downloaded lots of movies so am looking forward to watching those after egg retrieval and when I have a few days off after egg transfer. you sound in good spirits

  2. Thanks so much for the link! It sounds like you are on a rewarding journey. I look forward to following your story!