Friday, April 15, 2011


First off: ouch!
I took the Lupron and the stim shot of two vials of gonal-f and menupor shot. The Lupron shot was hard. I had a hard time getting it in. And then I got scared waiting for the next shot. That one really burned. I am not sure..if it was shock or nerves, but I got it in and then once it came out I just started crying. You know..just a warning to all you newbies or future IVFers, it was really not that painful. I think it was just my nerves. There was a lot more liquid than I was used to and was a bit scary shooting one more needle. And tomorrow and Sunday I have to do three. So bare with me..I am sure tomorrow will be a really long vent. I just feel even worse because I looked in my lupron kit and there are only two more needles. This is crazy because why would they order a 2 week kit when this is obviously not just two weeks. and of course it is Friday night, I can't reach anyone. I am not sure, but no one answers the phone after five and on the weekends. Not even the company where I ordered my meds from. I am really concerned what to do. I have a blood test first thing 7:30am Monday morning, so hopefully someone at the clinic can give me some needles or give me some assistance. So..I am going to make this post short and go meditate. I hope it calms me. It has been a tough night. I hope you all have had a better night than me and have  great weekend.  

but even though tonight really sucked: today was a great day. I spent a wonderful day with my favorite Niece and mom, shopping, eating ice cream, playing, smelling flowers. it was just such a fun day. Lots of good memories to erase this scary evening.


  1. Do you have a Walgreen's nearby? I have had quite an ordeal with my needles, and when I was on the phone with the pharmacy, they said I could go to any Walgreen's pharmacy and get some from them.

    Hang in there and I hope today is a better day!

  2. Yep. You can always get more needles. Those aren't hard to find. As well, you could always wait til after your ultrasound on Monday if you have enough to get you through to then. They could give you more.

    A heads up too about the number of embryos transferred (per your comment on my blog entry): ultimately, it should be your RE in consultation with you who decides how many to transfer based on your age, prognosis and history. Given my age, I'm eligible for three (sometimes four) embryos. But everyone is different.

    Good work on the needles BTW. I am terrified of needles, and I did relatively okay... until the PIO shots in my butt. Those scared the life out of me. Damn long, darn thick needles (it is oil after all) and it just wigged me out. I managed though; when you get that BFP, ANYTHING is worth it!!!

  3. Hang in there! Getting used to the shots can be hard, but you'll do it! And your doc's office can give you more needles, or at the very least, write you a script for more needles from any local pharmacy. Good luck!

  4. I'm sorry you had such bad night and that the shots haven't gotten off to a great start. Hopefully it will get easier as you get more used to them.