Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three shots!!! did it!!

I gave myself three shots last night! It was not that bad. really!! I am so happy! I tell you...this is such a rollercoaster of nerves and emotions.


the three shots were gonal f pen= so easy I thought..what happened? no burning?
                               monepur mix= little burn
                               Luperon= no sting

So, if I were to let any IVF newbies know about the shots, the pen is really great! No pain!!! Three shots is really not that bad.

Side effects:
Yesterday I felt really bloated. I had a head ache through out the day.  I just felt a little drained and weepy. My poor friends and neighbor. Not only am I feeling scared with this IVF rollercoaster but, the tests came back for my cat and he has Toxoplasmosis in his feces.

Toxoplasmosis can effect the fetus 10-15% creating miscarriage, mental retardation, fluid in the brain, blindness.and more.

I have decided to find a home for my cat. We have a small one bedroom and Ozzy my cat just leaves litter where ever he roams. he has always been kind of messy that way. We tried to potty train him on the toilet, but that failed. he ended up too scared and pooing on our clothes. A few memories i would like to erase from my mind. I knew we would have to find a home for him eventually because he is not good with not scratching and biting, but I had no idea it would be this soon with the taxoplasmosis. I just can not take any chances. My husband was born with a few deformities with his arm, and I have seen pictures and heard from him and his family how hard it all was. I can not bare to go through that pain or put my baby in that kind of pain. I would not be able to live with myself.  But I have one week. This completely thoroughly has thrown me off my rocker. I am crying a lot and anyone that asks me how I am doing. I start crying hysterically and tell them what I am going through..I tell them everything! My poor neighbor...she had no idea what was going to hit her when she said good morning, how are you and your cat?

So, I have posted cute pictures of my cat and have even offered to help with cat food and litter if needs be. I just need to find a warm and loving home for my cat.

Here is the problem, he gets too excited so he can not be around other animals or small children. And he is an indoor cat. This makes it very hard. I am not going to just put him outside and feed him when he comes around. There are dogs and cats in the neighborhood that can harm him. And I live by a very busy street, so I do not want him to be hit by a car. I got my very first call today. he is coming to meet Ozzy at 2pm...3 hours! I hope Ozzy acts nice and calm. He normally does not when he meets new people. I am so nervous. wish us luck!


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  1. Congrats on doing the yourself! I haven't gotten quite that brave yet! I'm sorry about your cat. I'm sure you'll be able to place him with a loving family that will take great care of him!

    I have a question about the Gonal-F pen. I used mine last night and it was great. But the rest of my Gonal-F came with syringes/needles and it says to use those for injecting. I have no idea what to do tonight! Not sure if there's a way to inject the stuff into my pen or if I should just use the needle! I'm not having fun yet!!!!!

  2. The shots are SUPER easy...I was worried too, but then realized there is nothing to worry about. I would rather do those over the suppositories or patches any day! Once you're're done! And they don't hurt either!! Yay on getting over the initial hump!

    So sorry to hear about your kitty! I hope you are able to find a nice, warm home for Ozzy!

  3. Andrea I am going to leave a youtube video that I found helpful... But a few questions. Do you have gonal-f powder? I have the pen for two nights.. Then needles, syringes, and powder with saline(1cc) to mix. Are you taking menopur as well. Because I mix the menupur powder with the gonalf powder with 1cc of saline.

  4. this video is helpful for mixing

  5. Thank you for the video link, will definitely check it out. Yes, I have gonal-f powder. My pen only contained 300 IU and my dose is 225 IU, so I guess I was only able to use it the 1 time. It just seemed strange to me that I would use it once, then have to switch to needles/syringes. I want to use the pen for all of them! Oh well!

    Yes, I'm also taking menopur. So you do your menopur and gonal-f as a single injection?? Sorry for all the clinic didn't have any kind of injection lessons so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed!

  6. ugh, I am so sorry that Ozzy needs a new home. It is totally understandable but must be very hard on you. I hope that you find a good place for him very soon.
    Nice job on the shots :) so glad that it is going well. IVF is a roller coaster for sure, hoping things go as smooth as possible, keep us posted on your progress.

  7. So glad the shots went well - you rock!!! And that is so hard about your cat, but I completely understandable. I hope you find a good home for him.

  8. ANDREA: I am worried for you..your clinic really should have an injection class. Do you have a calendar of how much and when? are you also taking lupron. I used the lupron .1 and now .5
    as for the Gonal-f, without the pen, I take the menupor powder mix it with saline(1cc) and then mix that with the gonal f powder. There are certain needles for the mixing and the needle to put in your stomach. Do not, I repeat do not use the mixing needle for the shot!! That would be painful!! That is about it so for the dosage..everyone is different, but I use two gonal-f powders, with one menopur powder. I really think there should be clinics open after hours and during weekends. it is ridiculous. Let me know if this is helpful and if you find some sort of calendar or directions of how much and of what you should be taking!!!

  9. I did much better tonight. I'm not on Lupron. I'm doing an antagonist protocol. I do have a calendar with the doses to take (225 IU Gonal-f and 225 IU Menopur). Tomorrow I go in for e2 check, then will find out what my dose is for tomorrow night, etc. My clinic offers injection training for those who want it, and for the rest they direct you to the Freedom Fertility website. Of course I thought the website would be good enough for me. I learned my lesson! I really think I let my nerves get the best of me. Got through both shots tonight without any trouble. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help!!

  10. thanks for your sweet encouragement on my post tonight!

    re: the cat--you may be set to get rid of him, but i'm throwing this idea out here anyways as a possible litter solution--my cat tracked litter all over the place too, until we found this crazy fabulous new litter system by ti.dy cat called the breeze system-it's a litter made out of clay but packed into hard pellets that are almost impossible to for them to get out of the box. i find maybe 1 pellet a week right outside the box. you use these pellets for a week at a time and the liquids drain onto a pad (think pad that you might sit on during u/s at the clinic, no lie) that's in a tray at the bottom of specially designed little box. cost is about the same as traditional litter and i got great bulk rate at ama.zon . now, you still shouldn't be the one to scoop the solids out or change the pad each week, but it would at least hopefully solve the tracking it all over problem and keep it contained. anyways, i know there may be more to the cat like his scratching and biting, but i just wanted to pass this along anyways. and if i didn't have an only cat who hates the world and would try to eat ozzy, i'd take your kitty b/c i love orange kitties :(

  11. Glad the shots are going well... well done!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. That must be so hard. Hope you find a new loving home out there.

    And about these shots, that's so great you can deal with them real good now! This gives me hope when I get there.

  13. Sorry about your cat :(

    Congrats on the shots - you are a brave woman!