Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tender Boobs!

Yes..I put it in  the title. Seriously girls...if I just move my arm a little across my boob..I am in so much pain! This is ridiculous. This is not a little tender..this is like..ouch!!!
And my progesterone shots have not been a walk in the park! Sorry this is a venting blog..but I got to get this out!

I am itchy all over the injecting sites! Note to all of you who will do PIO(progesterone in oil) injections.
1) Do not inject the needle in the same place over and over again. I did the first two weeks and now I have small hard ball like knots on each hip.
2) If one side seems to be building up a ball, inject the other side two to three days until the ball decreases
3) If you have a huge fear of what I did and inject yourself and have your husband or friend inject the oil( for me this made me feel like I had a little more control)
4) Give yourself an award each night. Chocolate, or bead a necklace.
5) and finally get witch hazel to rub when the itching and burning start


  1. Hope the pain of the shots eases.. in some ways I'm glad I'm going to the clinic for mine! Though I'm wondering if it's not in oil...
    My boobs tend to change from day to day in terms of how sore they are.. definitely worse some days than others!

  2. Definitely going to try the witch hazel - the itching is driving me CRAZY!!!

  3. Those shots are the worse. Hang in there it's for a good cause!

  4. HiMarilyn,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is pretty incredible, and yet so different that what I expected. I have to empathize with you on the boob pain. It is horrendous! By 10 weeks I'd already grown from a 34b to a 38d. I had to get a special bra to sleep in so that I don't get woken up from the boob pain when I roll over or move. Its crazy. I'm also having these boob attacks, where if I get at all chilly my nipples and breasts start hurting something awful. They say that the "tenderness" should subside in the second trimester. Oh do I hope they are right :)

    Good luck with your ongoing PIO shots. I was so glad to continue them when we got our BFP, but oh so glad to stop them when we got to 8 weeks. I'm almost 12 weeks now and my rump is still sore! it is so worth it though. (have you asked your dr about the itchy? I've heard that some people develop an allergic reaction to the oil, you dr could switch you to a different oil.)

    Happy ICLW and Happy Pregnancy.
    xoxo - Foxy

  5. Oh, yup! the PIO shots are not the most fun!:( Sory about the discomfort. After a while, getting closer and closer to injection #70, the knots and lumps were nothing I could avoid getting. There was no new area left to poke. We were suggested to use bigger needles, could go up to 20G (eek!), but that helped a bit with the knots (the oil distributed better). The itching is normal, and it will take a while even after you are done to subside. I also had some numbness after couple of weeks, which freaked me out, but that was 'normal', too. Not fun, but hang in there! you will be done soon!!! Looking back it was not too bad;)

  6. The good news is the PIO stops after awhile, as does the tender boobs! Great sign though - the more pregnancy symptoms the better!

  7. ((HUGS)) gentle, of course :)

    Progesterone is such a nasty med. I'm doing PIO and Crinone right now. After a few weeks of the PIO, I always felt like I was sitting on a shelf (weird way to to describe it, I know).

    Thanks so much for the Witch Hazel tip. I'm going to try that.