Monday, June 13, 2011

Some random thoughts

Tonight at 9pm I will be taking my last estradiol pill. I have been taking it for about two months. I feel really excited to not hear the alarm on my phone telling me at 9am and 9pm to swallow this pill (which I believe is giving me some pretty high emotions). But I am also really kind of nervous. I had a dream a few nights ago that when I went to the bathroom, there was a little blood. I was all kinds of messed up that day. I think I am just feeling..okay..there is no reducing of the medicine or blood test to make sure it is okay to stop the medication to secure the pregnancy will stay. I am still taking the PIO shots, but that also just stops abruptly on July 4th. Has anyone else had this experience or is my clinic the only one that just says , see ya.

As for other news: I am so excited fro all my new followers and the followers who have been so supportive. I must say, your blogs have given me such joy, inspiration, and at times you have really taught me a lot.

hands favorite blog has been The Stirrup Queen. I love a lot of blogs,but this blog brought me to all of you..and has sparked my creation for writing. Blogging has absolutely helped me in my life. I have been able to cope with infertility and found well: a hobby.
Here are my most inspiring blogs this week:

What a great idea from mel: The Stirrup's Queen idea for writing ideas

This post is amazing and please send your congrats. But be ready, this post may bring a few tears!

I had to add this in: I love all your comments and I welcome them. As for my new followers, some of you I can not see your blog..if you feel comfortable..please leave a comment and introduce yourself.


  1. My clinic decreases the medication. I have been having blood check because of the random bleeding - not sure if they would otherwise. I am nervous about stopping everything myself - it is like a security blanket, I guess.

  2. I went from 2 estradiol patches to one for a couple of weeks and from the PIO shots to the suppositories for a couple of weeks, then... it felt like going cold turkey to not do either when they told me to stop (12 weeks). I had an ob/gyn appointment around the time when I stopped and I called after the bloodwork to find out those hormone levels... that made me feel better. It's hard to let go because I think our minds say "this is protecting our baby" but our bodies are meant to take on that role. Darn infertility for creating so much doubt and worry!!! I don't miss PIO though, my backside is still trying to recover. Wishing you all the best!!!

  3. The alarms, I have them as well twice a day. It will be good to not be needing them anymore. I guess you have to trust your body for taking care of the baby. But it's hard not to worry! Hugs

  4. Yay for finishing the estradiol! I'll be finishing mine on Saturday. Tomorrow I go down from 40mg to 20mg progesterone (from 60mg originally) and then I stop the injections completely after a week of the 20mg shots. I'm going to ask the OB if I need any extra blood work to monitor progesterone levels as I come off the drugs.. though I'm sure it will all be fine! :) xx