Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where to start?

For the first time in a long time I do not know where to start:
1) symptoms: at 8 weeks my boobs are getting bigger:) I have cramps in my belly..not sure if it is gas or what..but I definitely feel cramping alternatively from one side to another. Morning sickness has taken more of an effect. Two nights ago..I felt so sick. I was fine all night, and I was getting ready for bed. I was blogging and finishing up my last blog. I was reading about a fellow new IF pregnant women who was feeling dizzy, and as My husband came into the hit me. I told him I was not feeling good. He said nothing but was just staring at me. I asked him why he was staring. He said he just watched my face turn white. Within minutes I was running to the bathroom and threw up three times. That was not fun. I crawled into bed whimpering, and just appreciated being held  by my husband.

My PIO shots: The night of throwing up started out with a very bad PIO shot. Every night I stick the needle in and my husband pushes in the medicine. This night of all nights did not go as usual. I put it in and as my husband pushed it in, everything seemed really normal, until he brought the needle out. A long stream of blood came out. Blood squirted on the bathroom floor, and we were both officially freaked out. I had to use a couple pads, but over all, no more pain than usual. I was okay..just a little freaked out. Tonight was the first time we hit a vein and we had to put two needles in. I am so looking forward to being done with the PIO shots. The estradiol pills are done on the 13th. That will be nice to be done with 1/2 of my hormone regimen.

My Review of my clinic: okay kudos for  Fujimoto
      he got me pregnant: Thank you. The phlebotomists were great and very very patient with me. Now those may just be the two most important factors in picking a clinic. But now the negatives are pretty annoying. I picked a specific doctor, but I saw him one time and that was a horrible experience. So, that alone almost got me walking, but Fujimoto was so nice and was there for every appointment, retrieval and transfer. Here is the other bothering and annoying situations at this clinic. The people at the desk were a little annoying. There was one women that was very nice and had tact. The other women, specifically one women, was impatient and rude. She even said, in the middle of my cycle, something about my payment may not be needed just in case it might get canceled. This was two weeks into my stimulaton process. Why would she even say such a thing. My mind went straight to worst case scenario. Then..well...I am sure it happens to other people, but the day of the retrieval, a couple nurses seemed annoyed with me that they could not get my vein to work. It was not like it was my fault....but I did feel they seemed annoyed. And now..two months later I find out..during my retrieval while I was out doctor had them take a pregnancy test( at the retrieval) and now I am getting billed $112. This does not seem right..right? Another issue was, my doctor's assistant( the doctor I never saw) called me with my second pregnancy test result being a BFP, and said okay..we are not done yet..we still need you to come and get an ultrasound. Little to my knowledge..this ultrasound was not included in my IVF sum of about $14000. But the way the assistant sounds on the phone, she did not say anything about the price( since she knew I was not insured for IVF at their clinic, and I have an HMo that I could go get an ultrasound for $10. So, when I get to my appointment I am so excited to see if I am pregnant...( which I deserve to be happy about) the receptionist says, " okay that will be $320. I was shocked and demanded to talk to someone about this obscene amount. They do not have to pay now..but it is the price every time you come for an ultrasound. They then said, what do you want to do..I of course had to see if the baby was there..and my baby was there. Now the next day, I called the assistant twice..and she has not called me back. this irritates me a lot. My mom says it is only $320 and it is probably the hormones making me so upset, so just do not worried about it. I do not think it is my hormones..I feel like it was a scam..a miscommunication from my doctors assistance. So two very annoying things financially:1) 112 for a blood test a pregnancy blood test while I was out cold_ I could have gone to my hmo for ten dollars to find out if I was pregnant..which is a joke the day of  a retrieval. And 2) $320 for an appointment that should have been communicated was not part of my IVF process.
so..yeah..that is my vent for the night. I am trying to keep positive though...

Here are the positives:
1) I am pregnant
2) I have all the symptoms I am still pregnant
3) work is good: my blog thanks to a few new followers to my work blog  helped me
4) I have been walking with my friend who is 6 months pregnant and we have bonded so much the last couple months- sadly she is moving away. it is so hard to find truly great quality friends.
5) I am up on my bills. You do not understand. That is a big deal for me..
6) I am catching up on my blogging comments. I have missed you:)



  1. all our wishes are with you marylin. :) good luck.

  2. That financial stuff with your clinic sounds so very annoying - I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. But I'm thrilled for you that everything is going well in your pregnancy!

  3. You are very brave doing your own (intra muscular?) injections. I can imagine how freaked out you both were to see blood! I wondered if your clinic suggested you draw back the plunger, just a fraction before you/your husband injects to check that there is no blood coming back and you are in the right place? Just a thought (that's what I was taught way back in my Nurse training). Lovely to find your blog. Congratulations at 8 weeks!

  4. I am beyond amazed that you are doing your own injections! You're one tough mama!!!

  5. $320 for a scan! This is what I'm going to have to get used to now I'm moving from my Chinese clinic to a fancy expat clinic for my OB appts! At the fertility clinic, each scan was RMB90 - about GBP9! But I know everything will cost a fortune at the new place.. post to come about this, I think!
    Glad to know that the symptoms are still reassuring, though not fun. Well done with coping with the blood from the PIO and congrats on nearly finishing the pills! I'll be just a few days behind you! xxx

  6. Hi.. got your comment on my blog - I think changes in our situation sometimes mean a change in readership and that takes time to happen. I'm thinking ICLW might help... But, in the meantime, I'm still here! xx

  7. Hi - oh my, I would be upset with the clinic also sounds like the only thing good that happened there is that you did get pregnant (which of course was the goal) - but the way they treated you is awful. We went to one clinic that treated us in a similar way and we changed clinics because of it. There were a couple of times with the PIO that I bled too, who knows why!
    got your comment on my blog - I am also worried about stopping the estrogen and progesterone. The only reason our office checked my progesterone level is because of the bleeding, otherwise they wouldn't have. I am so grateful that they are staying on top of it though (despite the fact that I hate the PIO). And, you are so right, the worry is constant!!
    Thinking of you! Glad we are in about the same place in this journey, it is nice to have someone who understands!

  8. The pain may be round ligament pain more than gas (and it's a good sign!). It's the ligaments stretching that support the uterus as the uterus grows. It can feel like cramping.

    And it's the principle with the money probably more than the money itself.