Sunday, September 25, 2011

People say I don't look pregnant

Yes...this will be a little of a vent.
I am one day shy of 24 weeks. I was so excited to share with everyone( my families side) at a wedding how i am 24 weeks pregnant. From my husband's grandma- to the women serving our dinner, everyone's response is, " you do not look pregnant."

I have to say, I almost started crying...but I could not go into total wimpy mode because of family and a room full of happy strangers dancing a celebrating a couples love. My hubby noticed right away there was something wrong. He asked and I told. He said I looked pregnant. he could tell..well..then about 10 minutes ago i asked him to take a picture..and he said..this is not going to be a good picture because you are not showing enough.

but there it is above.

I think I look pregnant. But maybe because I am not skinny, the bump is not as pronounced. Not sure..but I am feeling very sad.  I always thought when i became pregnant, I would get the oh your pregnant and such from strangers and family. I never thought I would just look fat. Maybe this is just my insecurities talking, but the negative self talk is pretty strong lately. So, anyways..on to more positive thoughts,...

besides the whole body image issue..the family has and is very sweet and asks how I am feeling..talks about the name and all are very happy we are pregnant. My mother in law..bought cute clothes for Alexander already and I am able to talk to her about my fears and excitement of being a first time mother. That is really nice. Everyone seems really happy and awaiting a new little boy into their family. That is what I will take from this experience.i have to go now for another family gathering. I need to keep my sadness inside and just think..I am pregnant and healthy.


  1. For some reason people think once you get pregnant you automatically have a huge noticeable bump. Not true. Everyone is different and shows at different stages, carries differently, etc. As long as you and baby are healthy that is all that matters.

  2. I agree with Krista, don't let what people say upset you - you look awesome and so long as you are both healthy, that is all that matters!!

  3. I think you totally look pregnant!!

    I struggled with this as well. Through my battle with Infertility I was asked on several occasion if I was pregnant when it was just weight gain.

    So once I did get pregnant I was always so worried about looking pregnant rather then being Fat that I stress myself a lot!!


    happy ICLW

  4. Well, I think you look pregnant, though of course being healthy and happy is the most important :) You look great! xx

  5. Oh I totally see a bump! Wait a few more weeks and you'll show even more :) As they all said who cares what they think, you know you are pregnant :)

  6. I carry a fair bit of extra weight and it took awhile for me to "look" pregnant, that's for sure. But when I knew it was time for people to see it, and I wanted to enjoy the comments and the fun a little bit, I avoided sheath-type clothing like the plague. That is, any dress, shirt/top that went straight down from my boobs to the bump without accentuating the bump didn't get worn! I invested in a few maternity tops (on sale when I could get them) that had decorative accents under the boobs, or an elastic empire waist (i.e., elastic between the boobs and the bump) that made the bump really stand out. It's all in perception!

    I see the bump, absolutely! I can tell you this though; when I went for a job interview at 6 months, the panel interviewing me had NO IDEA I was pregnant because of my sheath-top... it was only after I told them that they stopped to actually look. Guaranteed, it's the choice of clothing. Get a form-fitting top and blammo... they won't be able to miss it! And ENJOY the feeling. It's amazing and it's definitely something to cherish. Many hugs!!

  7. I also took a long time to "look unmistakeably pregnant" - partly due to a few extra pounds and loads of swelling, and partly just due to the shape of my bump and carrying low (which I think you might be too) - but don't worry you will get there. You are going to do a lot of growing in the coming weeks, and soon enough you will be bumping into walls and tables with your very unmistakable baby bump.

    Also, if it helps, I found baby doll shirts sometimes helped my bump along.

  8. I think some people dont know what to say when you tell them you are pregnant. Most saying "you do not look pregnant" is there way of complicating but when you go through as much trouble to get want to look pregnant! I can so see the bump in the photo and trust me, end of your second trimester, you will pop!

  9. I think you definitely look pregnant! But I know, this is tough. I had the same issue - for awhile it was hard to distinguish the actual bump. Hang in there!

    I love that you're naming your boy Alexander. Mine will be Alexandra - our little Alex's will grow up at the same time!