Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From one Infertile to another! A few tips.

Welcome new and veteran  ICLW.ers.

I have been through trying to conceive, been through IVF and succeeded the first time. I am currently 23 weeks! I know how lucky I am with the last point. There are so many couples who have to go through the torture of IVF, IUI many times. It is a very emotionally and physically draining process and that can cause issues in your friendships and with your partner as well. Don't ever give up on your dream though, whether is it going a different route, adoption, embryo surrogate, or so many other options. You will eventually be a mom and dad. If you are in limbo, or just finding out about your infertility, take a deep breath, and take care of yourself. It can be so depressing, but with friends, family, and this wonderful community, you will find the strength that is needed to survive these hard times.

If you are in the middle of your IVF process, I hope you are surviving the needle stage. Remember, with the needles in the stomach, pinch, and breathe, poke. If you feel itchy afterwards, remember to put witch hazel on. Oh and the hot flashes, they are a bitch. Try to dress in layers, and stay away from shopping. I remember whenever I went shopping or to target, I got so itchy and hot. Be sure to do something that you love and enjoy after the shots. As I write this, I only remember a few things. So if although you are going through physical hell right now with all the shots and hormones, you will be able to forget it for the most part. It will soon be just a distant memory..a memory you can be proud of. You are working very hard to make the dream of a baby a reality. And you can do this!

I wish you all luck in your journey, and you can read past posts that I have written of my IVF experience. Some are funny, and some are emotional. Probably most are my hormonal rants and raving about how this sucks. Because in many really did suck! I am not going to deny the fact that the needles were no fun, the hormones were overwhelming me and possessing me of my happy go lucky self.

ANYWAYS...I have to get back to catching up. There are some great posts lately. I love this community.


  1. Great tips! Woohoo for 23 weeks!!!

  2. Woohoo for 23 weeks, and a healthy baby boy on the way!

    Take Care!

    iclw #39

  3. Loved this encouraging post! :) Congratulations on your pregnancy, wish you a smooth and healthy pregnancy and delivery. I came across your blog from ICLW but I forgot to register as I missed the deadline.

  4. Here from ICLW...great post, it made me feel hopeful for myself. Congrats on your pregnancy!! :)