Thursday, December 16, 2010

First IVF appointment Jan 10th 2011

IVF with ICSI! It is official- UCSF is our choice. This was an easy decision. My sister in law was successful there, the doctors care about their patients and not only about money, and the location is nearby. So, now I am just getting all the tests done. And there are a lot. But Kaiser has been great.  I am going for a saline sonogram next week. I am a little worried about it because I heard from some that it is painful. I do not deal with pain very well, so my mom got me some meditation cds. I started today. I have to say that I felt really relaxed and more alert after 15 minutes of a guided meditation. I do not meditate and I thought it would be really boring and hard, but it was pretty easy. I have been struggling for a year with my husband to conceive and there have been many fights between us, but since we decided  on a place and our first appointment is Jan 10th, I have been more calm and I feel more in control. I was acting like a crazy person. Crying one minute, yelling the next. My poor husband and friends. I really want  to let those who have commented know, it feels great to have a community. There are so many of you who are going through the same thing, and I feel truly honored to hear about your stories and to comfort each other during such a painful and scary time.  Please keep me posted on how you all are doing.
take care

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