Thursday, December 16, 2010

American health Care System Sucks!

I have to vent. I can not believe our health care system in America. They say we are fighting for freedom! Well, isn't it our freedom to have a child. I would think so. But cost $30,000 for one cyle of IVF, meds, and blood work and crazy uncomfortable sonograms, and such! Each doctor's appointment is 3-400 dollars! Are you freakin kidding me!!! Oh- and then if you miscarry..oh no- you have to pay another $15,ooo. This drives me mad! I am going into my first IVF appointment in January, but this frightens me. I am going to go through months of torture and mood swings. What if I miscarry. I am crying with fear this is going to happen. everyone is telling me, you have to keep positive, this is not going to happen to you. Okay- can you predict this. And how can doctors charge for a second, third, or fourth time. It seems immoral. I am wondering if this is some sort of conspiracy. Is it just me or does it seems like some of these places are just a business. They are making a lot of money..and we are their guinney pigs! Okay- I am just a little dramatic right now. But trust me, I was way more out of control a few hours ago. I spoke to this sweet women who is in the same position as all of us. She tried the Ivf procedure, she was successful, and then a miscarriage. And now she can not afford the second cycle. This is not fair! I cried for an hour after hearing this! I was going to workout at the gym, but I was crying hysterically. So then I ran up and down in the rain. I was hysterically crying. This hurts too much. This is such a crazy roller coaster. I am just so sad this woman can not afford to try for another cycle. Life just isn't fair:(


  1. Here from LFCA. Just wanted to give you some support before you start the IVF process in January. It can be pretty all-consuming, so my best assvice is to be kind to yourself, and try to give yourself whatever it is you need that day (whether it is a nap, a big cry, a load of chocolate, whatever). And have a chat with DH beforehand as well to explain to him that you may well look like you are going crazy, and you will need a lot of love and support and patience. I have been through two fresh cycles (the first was an IUI conversion, so we really weren't prepared mentally for IVF) and two FETs. The medication really will do wacky things to your body, but you will recover yourself once the cycle is over.

    As for the fear, it is part and parcel of being infertile, I think. I am now halfway through a pregnancy (our second IVF worked), and I STILL expect something to go wrong. It sucks, but I try to take it a day at a time.

    I'm sorry about your healthcare system. It does suck.

    Best of luck in January.

  2. I find it absolutely horrible that finances so often prevent good people in the US from becoming good parents through IVF. It's heart-breaking to read over and over again that someone has to save up for years for each cycle or just flat out can't afford it. It really makes me wonder why so many Americans seem to be fundamentally against a national health plan of any sort.

    I'm also starting my first round of IVF in January, and it is frightening, but let's just try to stay focused on the goal. Best of luck and I'll come back to see how you're going - maybe we can compare notes as we go along.

  3. It isn't fair at all. In England we moan about the NHS because it doesn't pay for everything we want but most people do manage to get at least one IVF for free (I got three cycles for free probably because if I hadn't used IVF with PGD, I might have had a severely disabled baby which would have been more expensive for the NHS).

    The existence of the NHS keeps the cost of private hospitals lower.

    When I read how expensive everything is in America it makes me think we should be more grateful for the NHS. It's not perfect by any means, but I would hate for people to not get healthcare because they can't afford it.