Monday, October 31, 2011

Update: My butt can't get any bigger! is one of those rants again. Last night I was brushing my teeth and I had to do it. Yes! I turned around. I did  it because I felt my pants were really tight. My pajama pants are always loose. I could give an excuse like..I just put them on after I did a double laundry load..30 minutes longer than usual..but this was feeling different. SO ...I did it. I turned around and I got the shock of my life!


Okay...I am pregnant..7 months...but really...I had no idea. I was shocked...I actually was nervousness. Why didn't anyone tell me. It is enormous!!!

So I walked into the bedroom to where my husband was lying down peacefully reading his book. I lye  down next to him and say, "why didn't you tell me my ass was so big."  He giggles..but that giggle...really bothered me. So then, I did it...what every women swears they would not do. I asked him, "my butt is big right?"

and guess what he said?????


I was mortified. My own husband is agreeing my ass is as big as a city!!!
 Okay...I ask him the same question a couple times..thinking he would so.."no really isn't that big are sexy..and I like it!!" None of that. He did not give me any bullshit. I wanted bullshit at that moment. But nothing..just got a big ass women!!( he did not say that...but it is implied)

I guess I can not do anything about this. This is where my weight goes..thighs belly and the butt.

as for other pregnancy happenings:

I am getting closer to my baby shower. It is in the beginning of far: someone has purchased on my registry a genie garbage to get the diaper stink away, a infant carseat, and a portable high chair.

This really is very exciting.

 I had a little mini nervous breakdown this weekend. It really was not a is just that every time I go baby shopping..I think of how much everything cost and if we will be able to do it..will I be home..will I go to work..what about the high price of daycare and baby sitters. It just gets me really stressed out. ... is not great for us..we get by..but we do not make a lot. I am very appreciative of family who have been gracious to get us any of the registry a stroller car seat and a crib. I was a little saddened that my brother and wife have not offered anything to us...but that is what it is. maybe they will.. but..the baby will be here in less than 3 months..and they have not brought over anything and never really talked to us about giving us anything. It has been weird. I have heard from other friends that their family gives them a ton of stuff..but here I am and my brother does not even call me. Family....whatever...

I have moved on. I had my little rant about it..but I am is what it is...I have faced it and I just can not depend on him.

to fun things: we have decided on a theme..well...three themes..and I believe it is driving my husband nuts.
 But here is the thing..I live in California, but I like everything in the UK. I love Beatrix potter theme...but you can only get everything on ebay or from companies in the UK! So frustrating. And I love kind of 20's style as well as vintage. You just can't get these kind of items at babysrus or target. I am very picky.

as for the pregnancy:

How far along: 29 weeks today

Symptomsa little heartburn...anxiety, lack of sleep, hard time breathing at night, pain when getting up after sitting, hard to get up in the middle of the night. My left foot is swollen by the end of the day. My feet hurt after walking or standing too long. I am getting more tired.  A little grumpy. Stuffy nose

Baby Related Purchases: nothing...just looking. My husband thinks if I were to buy something I would feel better...I just look and like..but I have not purchased anything. I feel like I am getting closer...but the room is still empty and that freaks me out.

Maternity clothes:  I finally bought maternity clothes...and ...I LOOK PREGNANT!  I will post a belly shot later this is so exciting. Before I was just wearing baggy sloppy clothes..but maternity clothes helps you look pregnant. It was great..especially last week for my 15 year  high school was awesome..I looked pregnant..and I was rubbing my was really sweet how everyone was coming up and rubbing my belly for luck and talking about their kids and their pregnancy. It was a great time.

Sleep:again..not a lot of I am tired and a little cranky through out the day. I pee just about 10 times a night..and it is hardly anything. That is frustrating. A few times I will go into the bathroom and nothing will come out....what is that about!!! left hip hurts from sleeping on it..because the doctor says no sleeping on your back or your right side. I wake up at night on my right side and my back..but the baby wakes me up kicking.

Best Moment of the Trimester:  watching little Alexander moving around while my husband and I watch! Ohhh..right now he gave a good kick. It is amazing to watch my belly move.. he has been very active. I can not wait to meet the little guy!!! 

 Strangest Moment: well... the movement. He is very active at times. Sometimes I have to squeeze my husbands arms because the movements shock me and is a little scary to see my belly moving around like in  the alien movie. Sorry..but it is a little strange!

 Movement: there is a lot. Especially at night after dinner. It is so fun. I really have no idea what is a punch kick or a roll. I have an idea what roll is..but it kind of feels like a pulling and one part of my belly will get really hard. A punch and a kick though..not really...but it makes me jump at times. My mom put her face to my belly and he kicked or punched her..that was funny. And my husband likes to put his face or hand and just feel the baby.

Cravings: nothing actually. That is not have any cravings...I have had too many pickles fingers are swollen. and I think that is why. I need to cut back on my pickle obsession.

Gender:  BOY

What I miss:  sleep..yep...a comfortable night sleep on my belly...drooling and all. I have not had a good night sleep in way too long. I miss sushi....and bagels. Since I have gestational diabetes..I have been sworn off yummy ice cream, cake, cookies, and bagels. Just typing this up infuriates me... moving on...

What I am looking forward to: meeting my little Alexander, sleeping well, getting one thing in the nursery, the baby shower, seeing my belly grow more. Going to my breastfeeding class..and swaddling class. Just sitting in my rocker singing to Alexander being able to kiss him and hold him in my arms

 Second Trimester) Wisdom: hmmm.. set your boundaries. If you are tired...let yourself take a day off or take that lots of pillows for your bed. Ask for help or get that massage that is needed. Buy maternity clothes...listen to that voice that vocalize it. This is a time when you may find yourself more willing to say no..and it feels empowering. If you need to will feel better afterwards..I promise.

Milestones: second week of Third trimester!! Almost 30 weeks. That means 9 more weeks until Alexander is here!! Because I must be induced at 39 weeks since I have gd. This freaks me out..but at the same time..being induced takes the out of control away..I will have an organized timely birth plan. That is good...I can plan the day..unless Alexander chooses to come earlier.   

Baby is measuring: 2.5 pounds, 15.25 inches long, a butternut squash. That is huge!!! in my belly!!!!


  1. I agree that seeing the baby move around is strange! It is cool...but weird. Baby stuff is so expensive - it is bothersome. We have found most of the things we have bought at garage sales - it is worth it to save the extra money. I hope your baby shower goes well and you get a lot of the things you need. Your husband may be right that buying something may make you feel better - you can always start small!

  2. Oh I love Beatrix Potter! But like you I couldn't find much with it - what a shame! Can't wait for you to meet your little Alexander. Our Alex's are going to be such fun!!!

  3. Good Post, lots of good information. Thanks. Sounds like you are doing well. well done

  4. i kind of think its nice that your hubs told the truth.... sometimes we just need to know the truth about how we look....and i am sure he thinks you are beautiful, and youhave every right to have a big ass.....
    congrats to you.
    hoping the last weeks of your pregnancy are peaceful and happy